Easy to use, engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and effective in reaching mass are the fundamental objectives of any website. Top internet marketing agencies say that a website should be precise, specific and well optimized for digital marketing. Especially, when you are a small business unit and about to explore the online segment it is essential to provide the best user experience as it marks your identity and also bring the relevant result of marketing.

A Relevant Domain Name Marks Your Identity

Domain name is an introduction of what your brand represents and who you are, what is your product or service category. So it should be easy, not too long, well spell, easy to connect and remember.

How Customers Can Reach You And Keep Connected

The contact information like address, phone number, and the email address should be very clearly stated on the top right corner of the website or on the first fold. Link the Google map stating your location.

Also,  social media marketing for small business is very important in achieving rapid growth and keeps connected with customers consistently. So it is preferable to put social media icons on the first fold of the homepage linked with respective social media pages.

User-Friendly Navigation or sitemap

Navigation is one of the most important features that can guide visitors with a road map and information that they are looking for. It should be stately laid out. For many options or subcategories,  the drop down is suggestible in the navigation bar. Good internal linking of inner pages of the website helps digital marketing aspects.

Let’s Not Customer Hit BACK BUTTON – Webpage Speed

Webpage speed or fast load time is an eminent feature of a website. Most of the customers wait for 2 to 4 seconds to open a website page or else they leave which can immensely affect your rank on search engine. A good hosting server plays a vital role in determining speed.   Also, other factors are there.

User Experience – Web Design, Color, Font, Text, And Fresh Content

Design not only features the look and feel rather it is important for communication. Soothing color, visibly fine text and good font attract the attention of customers. Sensible informative design layout also effectively turns visitors to buyers. Web content plays a vital role in enhancing user experience and retention.

User Interaction in Clear Action

Call to Action is a clear instruction to customers. Through statements of the call to action, you may tell them clearly To Make A call to you in getting offers. Like you may tell them to sign up in getting benefits or to choose a set of products for getting discounts or such similar activities.

Whatever Be The Device There Shouldn’t Be Any Hindrance In Browsing

Your website should open in desktop, mobiles, laptop,  and all other electronic gadgets equivalently. This helps to access your website by all users and navigate easefully.  Also, the website should be compatible with all browsers equally.

Proper Code to let you keep updated with time and technology

The website should be well optimized and have proper code structure so that it can be updated in the future. It helps in doing SEO and other digital marketing activities. It ensures the security of the website.

It also helps in quantifying growth. For eg, if you have taken any search engine optimization package from any agency then you need to quantify if they are attaining the promised growth and ROI. In that case, integrating tools with the website can facilitate it which is possible only with a properly coded website.

Trust Badges and Testimonials

Trust badges and accolades build the trust of new customers which are effective for small business units. Testimonies or other customer reviews also influence new visitors to turn into customers.

A custom made, professionally designed website can effectively grow your business and reach out to wide geographical regions with help of digital marketing.