Top website development companies in Australia have enlisted trending web designing strategies of 2019 that can revive customer’s impression and thus enhance ROI. Here we go with 15 best web designing highlights that may benefit you.

Making the first impression

In the first spaced technology your website visitors have a lot of other options too. So, to hold them back and let NOT PRESS BACK BUTTON, you have to be well advanced.

  • Page/Image Load time – 39% of visitors will give you 2.5 sec time to show your page or product images. It affects 7% of the possible rate of conversion. 1 sec lag in page load will drop sale by 27%. A website that loads in 2.4 sec has 12.8% bounce rate whereas page loading time of 3.3 sec has a 20% bounce rate
  • Regular optimized and updated website – It helps in 113% leap in the visit and 117% hike in click rate.
  • Attractive layout & design – Layout creates a visual impact. If it is unattractive in design then 38% of your website visitors will stop getting engaged anymore. Within 15 min time, 59% of visitors will get attracted to something visually well designed rather than effective but boring plain text.
  • Contact Information on the upper fold– 44% of visitors will leave out if contact information is not given.
  • Responsive design – 62% of websites increase sales by the responsively designed website.
  • Multiple screen users–90% of visitors use sequential multiple screen.
  • Long content – 38% of visitors leave out when content is too long.

Web designing statistics in Mobile

A responsive website is the top demand of the genre and major deliverables under website development service that gets preference in Google algorithm. 94% of visitors reject a website difficult in using on mobile screen.

  • Thumb navigation –4 out of every 5 users of smartphone access various product based websites on their So the navigation design should be an easy-to-use by the thumb.
  • Mobile friendly – 72% of adults prefer mobile search of any website so font, color, filters, search, and dropdown menus should be well designed and optimized with mobile.
  • Filters in Mobile – Filter button in mobile should be designed very analytically so that the user feels comfortable and can judiciously search the right option.

Digital marketing strategy

To fetch traffic to your website digital marketing is very important. After developing the website it is important to hand over the marketing part to a digital marketing agency in Australia, as they not only execute online marketing of your website rather examines the loopholes of the website that is hindering growth.

  • Content marketing – Some top web development companies in Australia says that when they develop content in association with digital marketing segment it gets well optimized which attracts 82% of customers.
  • Linking with social media –78% of social media activity impact purchase decision. After being referred through social media, visitors click on the logo of the website and reach the navigation bar.
  • Search engine ranking–A well-designed website attracts more traffic hence increases search engine rank. There are more than 900 digital marketing agencies in Australia but only 26% of companies fetch better organic traffic for good search engine ranking.
  • E-commerce web design –Out of 10 consumers, 8 prefers to buy online. So e-commerce is propagating randomly.
  • Design-driven organizational growth – Design driven websites are 69% more likely to achieve