A website plays an important role in building customer base and also offers a way to communicate directly with your business. However, if you have an ordinary website design, it won’t engage more and more people.

User engagement is a vital aspect of web designing. It is responsible for improving web performance and ROI for every website. In simple terms, “user engagement” is not only limited to drawing prospective customers attention but making them stay long for their own benefit and to attain your business goals.

To help highlight what works, O2 Digital – a trusted web design agency in Australia, gives five ways how appealing website design features can encourage people to visit the website and boost user experience (UX).

#1 Mobile Responsive Design – Boost reach to Local Audience

Mobile responsiveness of a site is an integral factor to drive more and more local users. According to Statista, 17.19 million Australians use the internet from their mobile phone, and by 2022, it is forecasted to reach 19.27 million.

People feel more convenient to browse a site from their smartphone instead of using a desktop. That is why it is important for business owners to regularly check the website’s mobile responsiveness by using Google mobile site tester tool.

O2 Digital helps find mobile compatibility issues like pinch and zoom, overlapping of page elements and image resizing. It is helpful because Google penalises sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. Here is how an appealing site improves the user experience for mobile users:

  • Usage of HD images and CSS as minimum as possible
  • Eliminate unnecessary pop-ups
  • Usage of the mobile responsive theme
  • Highlighting content with bullet points
  • Proper spacing between two paragraphs

#2 Fast Load Times – Make Prospects Stay on Site

An appealing website must load instantly for visitors. Needless to say, a slow-loading webpage tests users’ patience. Usually, the audience doesn’t like to wait more than 4-6 seconds, and they prefer to switch to a better option providing the same information. So, it can eventually harm your user engagement and search engine rankings.

Ensure that your site’s web page loads within a few seconds after clicking the page link for better usability. O2 Digital’s skilled web designers have expertise in improving site speed. They test the site’s speed and make changes on coding or installing website plugins that significantly boost website speed.

#3 Compelling CTA – Guide users to Sales Funnel

An appealing Call-to-action (CTA) button is a prominent web design feature that entices prospects to take specific actions like “Buy Now”, “Sign Up”, “Subscribe To Newsletter”, “Make An Appointment”, and more. Enticing CTA buttons can bring users into your marketing funnel – increases conversions, boost sales and create engagement that advances your brand to establish authority in the industry.

As a trusted web design agency in Australia, O2 Digital provides different CTA types to you to drive user engagement. Let’s see the essential ones.

Buy Now CTA: This CTA pushes the audience to make a purchase from the website. It is focused to bring new and quality sales, and it gets placed on the site’s product pages.

Read More CTA: It creates an interest in the audience to explore more. It is kept in the content-feed section, which teases readers by showing them a part of the content and letting them click the button to read more.

Social Media CTA: This kind of call-to-action incite users to share an article or blog with their contacts on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It not only helps direct the number of quality links to your website content, but it also establishes you as a thought-leader to boost your followers and create leads to attain business objectives.

#4 Effective and Easy Navigations – Allow users to find Content Faster

A website with an effective, clean, and simple navigation encourages user engagement. A clutter-free website navigation draws users’ attention and lets them explore valuable information on the website. A simple HTML or JavaScript menu bar and the search bar on site makes users find the content easily.

Take a look at other aspects of web navigation to consider better user engagement.

Simple Menu Bar: One of the prime reasons audiences leave a website is that they can’t find the information they’re looking for. A simple and easy-to-access menu bar exponentially increases web navigation. O2 Digital’s team put themselves into the shoe of customers and designs effective menu bar elements to avoid confusion and clutter.

Search Bar: Time is important for everyone, and your prospective customers are no exception. They like to find things quickly within seconds. An auto-suggest search bar eases the complexity of the site and reduces customers’ queries by enabling them to type a few letters only to get the information what they’re searching for.

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