Do you want to digitally enhance your small business sales without spending a single penny?

Well, Facebook Shop is the right solution for you.

Facebook shops have emerged as the most popular online selling platform in Australia, and it offers exceptional features to increase leads and sales through a website alone. When boosting small business revenue, a Facebook store allows you to sell products directly to your prospects.

Having a Facebook shop is no less than a budget friendly ecommerce store – it enables you to switch your business page into an online store inside Facebook itself. In case you want to set up a free online storefront on Facebook, partner with a reliable small business marketing agency like O2 Digital. We have certified social media experts that use creative and effective strategies to reach potential customers on Facebook.

Significance of Facebook Shops for Small Businesses

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, having more than 17M active Australian users (source – socialmedianews). Therefore, it offers small businesses and start-ups a great opportunity to compete against large enterprises.

Creating an online shop inside Facebook help showcase the brand to prospects and establish an effective customer relationship. Moreover, with the Facebook store, customers can browse and purchase products wherever and whenever based on their convenience.

Let’s look over a few advantages of having a Facebook Store to sell direct:

#1 Great Medium to Launch Products

Unlike giant ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay, Facebook offers a great advantage to SMBs – its audience is already present there. Having an established Facebook shop can help a business share product launch messages to its prospects and direct them to their shop features. Facebook offers tagging product options on visual posts, which ultimately make aware potential audience about the product is launched and ready to purchase.

As a leading internet marketing company, our team helps introduce you to the various Facebook shop features that effectively target prospects based on their search history. We also influence customers to post positive reviews about products and services, improving brand awareness.

#2 Live Stream Shopping Feature

One of the greatest advantages of using the Facebook store for small businesses is that it can leave a mark on customers’ minds on their first visit. Live streaming of unboxing products such as new gadgets and sneakers can influence visitors to shop for products in real-time. Also, it is a great way to capture impulse buyers who purchase products as soon as they see them.

Our team assists in creating an enticing Facebook store with an effective call-to-action button so that visitors can easily tap to learn more and purchase straight away from Facebook.

#3 Zero Investment

One of the greatest perks of creating a Facebook store is you do not need to invest thousands of dollars. Owning a Facebook store means reaching a large number of audiences with zero investment. That makes it imperative for SMBs to launch a Facebook store. Other than that, it incorporates Facebook pixel options, which are essential to track conversions and customer behaviour from Facebook Ads.

At O2 Digital, our cost-friendly and result-oriented Facebook strategies help the potential audience discover business brands across various demographics.

#4 Chatbot Integration

Ecommerce sites like Shopify integrate Facebook Messenger, one of the most used chat messengers, to increase sales and conversions. On the other hand, Facebook Shops makes things even more exciting with its new chat features, enabling potential users to place orders directly from Facebook Messenger rather than visiting the original business website. The chatbot implementation offers convenience to customers and boosts customer relationships.

O2 Digital, the leading online marketing agency in Australia, helps customers make purchases with just a few clicks on Facebook messenger. As a result, the business will see a great rise in conversions and more sales through the Facebook store than the CTA that directs users to the website.

#5 Integrate Social Shopping

Facebook stores play an important role in promoting products for small businesses that might not have any website or struggle to drive potential leads. It integrates with many social messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, implying that you can provide your customers instant support whenever they raise a query.

O2 Digital offers a great strategy to increase leads through Facebook shops. Our streamlined and affordable service leverage massive reach with a well-managed Facebook shop.

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