Hear it out, People won’t visit your website just because it exists!

So, you have launched your website and created attractive layouts in a beautiful manner to welcome your visitors. When you determine a business’s credibility dependent on the quality of your website, this isn’t something you can wing on the fly.

Not having visitors on your website is a major risk of lower traffic, less conversions and fading into Insignificance. Majority of the business owners make similar mistakes when they launch a new website. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that you might be making for not getting website traffic.

  1. Not Having a Mobile Responsiveness Website
    Your website might be looking superb on a desktop, but what about those users who are signing from mobile or other devices? Ignoring a mobile-friendliness on a website is a complete turn off for your website traffic.  Having a mobile responsiveness means that your website will automatically changes to fit the size of the multiple devices being used by the users.
  2. Dead Call-To-Action Buttons
    Including CTA is the most essential part of your website but having CTA at the wrong place is as good as dead. Most web designers don’t add CTA button correctly and it results in misguiding the website visitors. Guiding a clear direction on what to do next provide incentive for the user to go in-depth into your conversion funnel. Make sure to keep your CTA compelling to enhance your conversion rates and generate good traffic to your site.
  3. You are Ignoring Website SEO
    Another major mistake is Ignoring SEO practices to your website and you will end up ensuring that your website doesn’t get traffic. It puts you at-risk at reduction or a penalty from Google. Save yourself from blacklisted search results by implementing best Seo practices. You can also opt for the best seo company in australia to Prioritize a good user experience and a long-term strategy.
  4. Poor Content Quality
    So, despite having so much content on your site, you are not getting visitors on your site? High Quality Content is the most important recipe to drive traffic to your website. If your content is not relevant, engaging and attractive enough to people to your website then it won’t generate traffic to your website. Providing valuable content to potential customers by engaging them with your blogs, answering their questions, providing solutions to their problems, and so more. Hence, your content needs to be relevant to your audience, cover the topic sufficiently, be well-written, engage readers and drive traffic to your website.
  5. Leaving your Website un-audited
    Are you not doing the health checkup of your website? Just like your own health, your website too needs a digital checkup to perform well. Performing a website audit is essential and keeps you updated about the problems your site might be facing. From spelling errors to broken links, everything can be figured out before it damages your website traffic. You can also opt for a web development company in australia for better results.