Are they the one?

Digital Marketing requires so many work and efforts it’s impossible for businesses to keep the work in-house and be updated with current trends and practices. 

Accessing expertise of a Digital Marketing Agency ensures you have a team of dedicated and focused experts who work on bringing the actual results for your brand. Whether you’re looking to take your business online or launch a new product or venture, they can help you achieve desired results. From shooting your sales up to generating potential lead for you, they can do it all. 

But here’s the problem:

Not all of them are as good as they claim to be and their quality of work may vary from client to client basis their expertise and experience. In order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses so that you can analyze if they are just spouting empty words or their past stats speak results, you should ask them few questions. 

Without further ado, let’s get to the major 5 questions that can help you get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. 

What’s your approach?

If you directly ask them what they will do for your brand, they obviously have prepared for that question. Although asking about the general approach they follow can give an answer where you will come to know what they know about the whole process plus how they incorporate that into working with clients. 

To get specific you can breakdown to know about specific services in which you particularly need help with, Like what their process is for SEO or how they provide content services or how they generally proceed with leads generation. 

How your experience have been working with other clients and is there a successful example of your work?

Asking about their existing clientele will give you an idea how they feel about their clients and how they handle variety of workload. And there is nothing more assuring than getting to see a live example of a successful project that they executed to give you an idea of yours. 

On what basis would you highlight my company’s Strengths to compete in the market?

A top marketing and experts in their league would have done their own research on your organization before approaching. From your USP to your competitors. This question will ensure that they’ve done their homework and how much they care about their prospective clients. They should be able to lay out a strategy as to how they will fight off the competitors for your brand. 

How will you measure the success of the marketing campaigns you’re recommending?

When approaching a prospective Digital Agency, your questions shall be on benchmarks, metrics and analytics. Fluffy big slogans are for presentation, they contribute less to actual results. The Digital Marketing agency you’re going to work with shall be able to back up recommendations with data. 

Alongside question regarding measurement, the question of how often report progress will be made and delivered to you towards these metrics. Also what recover strategy is there if any adjustments were to be made or something is not working from results point of view.  

How much will be the cost involved?

The high cost factor is one of the biggest lump in the road while hiring the best. However investing time & money is mandatory if you want to reap the benefits of Digital World. Mostly agencies have various packages laid out in front of you to choose from. Wherein, you can choose what services you want in that particular amount. You should have an idea of the total budget that is required to implement the campaigns and estimated ROI. 

Evaluation of a Digital Agency shall be based upon the Industry Experience, Range of services they provide alongside its cost and their level of expertise. At O2, A leading Digital Marketing Agency in Australia, We utilize data analytics on platforms such as Google & Social Media Channels to ensure that we meet our clients’ desired KPIs. Whilst maintaining a high-level of communication and regular updating our clients about the progress that we made as promised. 

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