In the past 20 years, technology has evolved a lot. Many small business owners have given up traditional marketing. Social media marketing is now a preferred way to entice digital audience.

As per a recent report, out of 22.82 million Australian internet users, 20.50 million regularly visit social media channels – it offers an excellent opportunity to SMB owners to grow their brand and promote their products & services directly to targeted online consumers.

O2 Digital is a trusted company for social media marketing in Australia that offers an expectational and cost-effective strategy to drive more conversions and sales exponentially. Our customised strategy offers several advantages, and it means you can’t ignore the impact of social media channels on your business marketing strategy any longer.

Here, we’ve outlined the significant benefits of a well-strategised social media marketing strategy.

#1 Potentially Reduces Marketing Expenditure

Today’s consumers spend most of their time on social media to gain information. Consequently, online marketing services in Australia are booming.

Spending money on paid ads and promoting your business across multiple channels is promising but an expensive option. However, with cost-effective social media marketing techniques, you can customise the campaign and make it effective to entice potential audiences. In fact, with social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can reach an average of 1,000 people by spending only $.25.

At O2 Digital, we have a great team of experts that effectively manage your digital marketing budget and deliver exceptional marketing ideas that boost campaign performance – it can easily track directly against sales outcomes.

#2 Amplify Website Traffic and Sales

Most Australian small businesses are increasing their investment in social media channels, and the recent statistics aren’t slowing them down. Let’s take a look at social media statistics – December 2021 (Report – social media news )

  • Facebook – 17 M Active users
  • YouTube – 16 M per month Australian users
  • WhatsApp – 12 M active Australian users
  • Instagram – 10 M active users
  • LinkedIn – 6.5 M users

One great advantage of actively being part of social media channels is sending customers directly to your online business website. Linking website links on social media profiles can improve the quality and quantity of your inbound traffic and sales. It is the prime reason why SMBs must invest time and money in social media in 2022.

As mentioned earlier, large Australian internet users are active on various social media platforms. It means social media marketing efforts helps you get found on Google Search, besides SEO. O2 Digital is one of the top social media marketing companies that delivers great sales opportunities, not just leads.

#3 Strengthen Brand Image

Like every business, SMBs major marketing goal is to gain greater brand recognition than their competitors. Branding is important because consumers end up buying from the brands they recognise. Unlike traditional marketing, social media networking sites helps to reach your brand in front of people more quickly and easily.

Thankfully, social media enable marketers to reach untapped audiences and help create certain degrees of brand loyalty, bringing long-term business benefits. Also, you can’t underestimate the power of paid social media campaigns – it allows you demo targeting, geo-targeting, or retargeting to draw a potential audience’s attention.

O2 Digital’s SMM team has worked with a wide variety of industries. They optimise your social media profile, so your brand gets found by targeted audiences whenever they look for relevant information that you offer.

#4 Responsive Customer Service

These days, the customer likely trust only those brands that deliver comprehensive customer service. Creating a social profile help win customer trust, as they expect your company to tackle their queries via social media quickly.

In the past few years, social channels have helped break down the communication gap between prospective or existing customers and companies. It provides immediate personal interaction. That’s why many people now feel comfortable using Facebook and Twitter to find answers to questions or queries rather than calling customer service.

When you respond to your customer right away – it ultimately helps you improve your brand’s reputation as a caring, responsive brand. Moreover, when your consumers have had a positive experience with you over social channels, they will more likely recommend it to the other people they know. O2 Digital can help you better understand customer queries and resolve their issues immediately.

# 5 Target Local Consumers

Since inception, social media channels were not only meant for networking – they were equally important for marketing. There is no better option than social media when it comes to affordable marketing strategies. With deep target audience analysis, marketers can gain valuable insights into their pain points.

Sharing valuable posts combined with content, Image, carousel, videos, etc., is a great way to educate your local audience that how you can benefit them. From recent reports, small businesses and local retailers find social media helpful to entice native consumers.

O2 digital can help stand out a local brand by creating its robust social media presence and providing a result-oriented marketing strategy that perpetually boosts sales and business ROI.

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At O2 Digital, we have a committed team determined to deliver a tailor-made plan covering social and other marketing avenues to scale your business reach.

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