Sending out a marketing mail with a ‘call-to-action’ button containing a broken link is like shooting an arrow blindfolded. You will not just miss the target but will also bear other losses due to both waste of time and embarrassment. But, despite it, we, the so-called email marketing Einsteins, end up committing such silly email marketing accidents time and again.

So what should you actually be doing to prevent such embarrassing email marketing accidents from happening, huh? Seek shelter with an email marketing company in Australia or hone your skills a bit more? Or, may be, both. Stuck in the same situation, a digital marketing services provider in Australia would probably choose a test email path. They all would do for sure. Sending a test email for review before sending out the real email to the list of contacts. Boom! But if you ain’t leveraging these tools, you are calling for the accident.

And if you want to avoid these accidents in the future, refer to the checklist we are going to share down here before shooting emails blindly in the air.

Spelling and grammar check

Email marketing Einsteins are so rapt dealing with technical stuffs of an email marketing campaign that they don’t pay attention to basic slip-ups in spelling and grammar of the content. They are very important. So make sure that you send your emailers to your grammar zombies for scanning first.

Color contrast for better readability

The font color of the content of the emailer should be clear, clean, and easy to read. The color of the background shouldn’t make reading texts layered on top of it difficult to read. It should be in contrast for better readability. The readers does not have to strain their eyes while reading the content.

Forgotten links

We’ve talked about broken link situation in the introduction. The second close to that dreaded situation is forgotten link situation—when you simply forget to link something you actually should. It happens mostly in the case when you are using an image for a call-to-action button. Just make sure that you have linked everything with this call-to-action image.


Your emailers format for no reason whatsoever has tendency to change right after they have been sent. So when you view them in your inbox, make sure that they look exactly the way you’ve designed them. Pay special attention to the bullet points, they change time and again on different screens. Fix wonky formatting issues before sending out the emailers.

Sender Name and subject line

Do you know that an emailer sent by a real person is likely to be clicked more than an emailer sent by simply a company name? So from next time on, send your emailers with a real person’s name. You should also focus on the subject line. It shouldn’t get cut off at all. It should be there…spot on. Keep the subject line only 50 characters.

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