Australian corporate’s ad spend on Google crossed $5 billion in 2020. It shows the immense faith of businesses in search engine advertising to grow their business online.  

Google Ads deliver the best result when the ad campaigns are created and executed the right way. There are different types of ad campaigns that can be used to get desired results from the audience. With a thoughtfully created ad strategy, business goals can be achieved quickly. 

O2 Digital is a premier online digital marketing agency that can create customised ad strategy for your business and help you grow at a fast pace. Here is how various types of Google Ads are used for growth.  

 1# Text Ads – More Conversions and Traffic to Website 

 These ads appear when a buyer searches for similar products or services. They are visible to the audience on the Search Engine Result Pages in two places – top and bottom of the page in the desktop and the mobile sandwiching the organic results. These ads put your website right in front of the buyers when they are searching for similar products and services.  

O2 Digital can you help you target keywords with buying intent. So, when the audience searches with these keywords, the text-ad for the website will prominently appear in-front of them. The exact position of the text-ad depends on the bid amount and a host of other factors. 

Our team carefully selects the keywords and the match type that will trigger the ad whenever a matching keyword is searched during the campaign duration.  

2# Display Ads (Image Ads) – Increase Awareness for Brand, Product, or Event  

These ads appear when a buyer is consuming related content on different websites. These images ads allow you to target the audience when they are not looking for the product actively but are doing research on it.   

These ads are the top of funnel ads and help to position your brand to the interested audience. However, getting success with display ads requires deeper understanding of the funnel and the keywords for which the ads will appear. 

As the best digital marketing agency in Australia, experts at O2 Digital can design campaigns that get you the best results. Our designers create the ad copies and images that entice the viewers to spend time  

3# Video Ads – Build and Position a Brand That Drives Business 

Videos are the most engaging form of content. Also, YouTube is hugely popular in Australia. A video ad can be placed before, in the middle, or at the end of the video being watched by the audience. 

A video ad shows your product or service to the audience in the most engaging way that reinforces your brand and also helps to recall easily when they are purchasing the actual product.  

4# Shopping Ads – For E-commerce Businesses to Get More Sales Online

Newly launched online stores need to promote their website on search engine and social media to get conversions for the products being sold. Shopping Ads from Google is the best way to achieve this objective.  

When the audience searches for similar products or services, all the relevant product ads are displayed as the block – row at the top of the organic results. Sometimes, these ads are also shown at the right-hand block. 

However, running a successful shopping ad campaign requires some level of expertise of an online digital marketing agency. It’s where O2 Digital PPC experts come handy. We can create and run shopping ad campaigns for the product ranges that you want to sell online.  

5# App Ads – Promote Your Mobile App Online 

App based companies or those are willing to push their business over the app have their best marketing companion in the form of app ads. These ads are shown across Google Play Store, and many other places including the YouTube. A successful campaign for these ads would result in more install for your app.  

O2 Digital can plan and execute App ad campaigns and help you achieve the desired business goal. Our experts know how to overcome the challenges that might come up during the campaign. Having an experienced team also brings the comfort that campaign budget is not wasted and there are measurable results. 

Why O2 Digital is The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Australia for Google Ads?  

Australian businesses have trusted us to plan and execute their Google Ad campaigns. Our experts know that only a customised ad strategy can deliver results as desired. 

We begin with establishing campaign goals and choose the best ad type to achieve them. Moreover, our experts regularly monitor the campaign performance and make the changes in the bidding strategy to get the maximum results within campaign budget.  

Want to know more about running a campaign for fast-paced growth?

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