Instagram is a hugely popular platform in Australia amongst females. With more than 10 million users, it’s the 4th most used website in the country, of which more than half of the active users are females. Clearly, it’s the most preferred platform for brands that focus on the female audience.

Leading brands are already using it to promote their products and grow their follower base. Instagram shop is an e-commerce feature that’s used to showcase the products and also to sell them. O2 Digital is Australia’s leading social media marketing agency focussed on small businesses. We establish Instagram Shop for brands, and here is why you should also consider setting up for your brand.

1# Design Expertise that Grabs Attention from Audience

Setting up a shop on Instagram is the first step – it has to be taken correctly. Aesthetic images, crisp product descriptions are a necessity to show the products impressively and get the attention of the potential buyers.

O2 Digital has been in this industry for the past many years. Our team of graphic designers knows how to show the various features of the products using the images in a post. Your products get more traction they deserve when we manage your Instagram shop.

2# Making Your Products Discover able

Displaying products in a way that helps the audience to easily go through them boost discoverability and the sales. Instagram Shop help you achieve this with the help of ‘Collections’ features.

Our team will help to organise the products in themes – new arrivals, bestsellers, gifts, bridal, business and regular wear etc. The audience looking for them can easily see the various choices available and pick the one they like the most.

3# Creating Product Detail Pages

A product details page (PDP) has a shopper needs to buy a product. It contains the images of the product, its description, the price, and also a link to the website.

Usually, any shop has hundreds of products and many of them get sold on a daily basis. Managing the sheer volume of changes isn’t an easy task. At O2 Digital, we manage your Instagram Shop and keep it updated. In this way, the audience come across fresh and latest products.

4# Helping Shoppers to Get Details of Popular Products/Bestsellers/New Arrivals

In any shop, there are a few products that sell more and become bestsellers. Highlighting them with their product tags, helps the audience to find them easily and boosts their sales.

Having a dedicated agency that works closely with your team helps. At O2 Digital, we make the best use of this feature. It allows up to highlight up to 5-items from the catalogue in the feed, stories, reels and live. We ensure that bestsellers and latest arrivals are prominently displayed.

5# Fully functional shopping experience

For many small businesses, giving a fully-fledged shopping experience to their audience is a challenge. Getting an e-commerce website is expensive to begin with and could not fit a small budget.

Instagram Shop renders and e-commerce experience to your audience at a fraction of cost. O2 Digital enables your business to render a shopping experience and generates revenue for the products.

6# Regular Promotion of Products

Establishing an Instagram Shop is the right first step in the direction of e-commerce. However, maintaining the shop with products and promoting them using the various features needs efforts.

At O2 Digital, our team has the expertise to create your Instagram Shop and also maintain it with regular publishing of content – images, stories, reels etc.

O2 Digital – Trusted Social Media Marketing Agency For Your Instagram Shop

Small businesses across Australia rely on us for result – oriented digital marketing. Instagram shop is the first step towards e-commerce. We can help you establish a presence that gains the attention from the audience and entices them to make a purchase.

We are not just any other social media agency experts d on’t just create the Instagram Shop but maintain it as well. In this way, we ensure that it displays the products across the themes.

However, as a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer end-to-end services to promote to your business over the internet.

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