Maintaining a travel website isn’t as easy as it seems but having that one great marketing strategy can literally cover everything from managing your website to increasing your visibility.  Let us help you to implement few of the best SEO Strategies for Travel & Touring Businesses in 2021.

    1. Using Google results for travel search queries
      With such a huge competition, businesses need authoritative strategies to rank up and get featured on the first page of search engine results. Google displays search results that constantly change according to the users’ experience based on knowledge graph results, featured snippets and their internal ranking factors. This will help your business to understand how sites get rank well for travel related queries.
    2. Selecting keywords based on Search Intent
      Building a single service page and expecting it to rank up with a powerful domain is worthless. Keep the “modifiers” in mind and use attractive keywords. For example-If you search “street food in Australia”, you’ll notice the majority of the search results include the term “best”. Hence, when looking at search results for an individual query, you will start noticing which keywords are ranking well for your business and how the actual intent behind that keyword is going to affect.
    3. Optimizing Local SEO
      Local SEO is highly relevant for businesses in the travel and tourism industry. If it is done correctly, it provides a huge takeover of targeted organic search traffic. However, opting for seo services for travel company is a mandatory step for your business after some point but in terms of location set up for your business, make sure not to provide multiple locations?
      • Name, address and phone number of the business
      • GMB profile Reviews
      • Embed of the location
      • Relevant tours, trips and other services
      • Images and videos

SEO Local

  1. Creating Content to Drive New Users
    Content is the king to drive new traffic and users towards your business. Especially in the travel space, it helps you in driving the users to find your business and interact in order to get converted. Creating compelling content and adding the right keywords is the perfect ingredient to cook SEO. Make sure to use keywords with attention on your blog and resource pages.
  2. Track & Analyze Results
    Attracting organic traffic requires you to invest your time and money. and for that reason, presenting a positive ROI from SEO becomes vital. Track your ROI by monitoring the following KPIs. You need to have patience in the journey to make an SEO campaign to work successfully. In order to track ROI, we should be able to monitor and report on the following KPIs:
    • Organic traffic
    • search Visibility
    • keyword tracking
    • traffic to “key” pages
    • Organic Leads generation


So now we have learnt about few best SEO Strategies for Travel & Touring Businesses in 2021, these 5 tips will set you in the right direction for leveraging your online presence going forward. If we’ve got you hooked to learn more, we recommend checking out which is the best digital marketing agency australia with expertise Local SEO experts.