Local marketing is key to growth for many businesses across different industry verticals. ‘Near me’ searches are popularly used to order food from a restaurant, booking movie tickets in a nearby theatre, or searching for a hospital nearby.

Australians also use Google to find nearby apparel/fashion store, and search for spas, salon and similar other personal services. However, these businesses often ignore digital marketing to grow. As a result, they miss on customers they could have easily got.

So, are you ready to grow business through local digital marketing?

Well, there are several steps that need to be taken. O2 Digital is a digital marketing agency in Sydney with expertise in creating and implementing local digital marketing strategy for business across different verticals.

Here is how your business will get a local boost.

1# Creation / Optimisation of ‘Google My Business’ Listing for Your Business

Google has been giving importance to localised searches. While most businesses who use digital marketing have a GMB profile, however, if it doesn’t, we’ll create one for you.

Once created, it helps Google to draw information from the listing and display it in the local search results. Visitors usually use the information in the listing – address, business hours, contact details, reviews, and map to plan a visit.

At O2 Digital we know how important it is and that’s why create a listing that makes your business a trusted one.

2# Getting Positive Reviews to Build Brand Preference

What do visitors look at first when they come across a GMB listing? It’s reviews and ratings given by the customers who had taken a meal, consumed the service or the products. If most of the ratings are below three stars, the visitors may move to the other listing.

The number of five-stars and positives matter a lot, and having them boosts your rankings significantly above the other competing listings. O2 Digital creates a strategy to solicit positive reviews and ratings that helps to build a strong brand affinity.

3# Making Details Consistent Throughout

It helps to have consistent business details throughout – in the website and GMB listing. Moreover, having a dedicated ‘Contact Us’ which clearly shows the address location of the office, store etc.

Our experts know what changes are required to be made. We optimise the website – add the contact page, make changes in the footer section, and update the details in the GMB listing to make them consistent.

4# Local Optimisation of Website

When a visitor makes a ‘near me’ search query relevant to the products or services that you offer, the GMB listing appears prominently. However, when the website appears in the SERP at a top rank, it adds to the credibility. Local optimisation of website helps to achieve this. A customised local SEO strategy consists of –

Local Keyword Research – We identify the ‘near me’, ‘nearby’, ‘best —- in location’ search queries that are used by the audience.

Creating Local Page – We create/optimise website page with the targeted local keywords.

Localised Content Marketing – Our content experts create localised content – blogs, slides, videos, images, infographic that are published across different channels. It pushes the ranking up and also builds your brand.

5# Local Optimisation on Social Media

Australians use social media channels for many reasons. Creating appropriate social media presence that helps them to make a purchase will surely boost sales and revenues.

Our social media experts establish your Facebook and Instagram Shop, optimise and maintain them to build a local brand. Regular posting of content on social media keeps the brand fresh and gets engagement from the audience.

6# Local Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid ad campaigns help to get quick results. However, there is a cost involved, so the campaigns need to be highly targeted to get desired results.

O2 Digital is the best internet marketing company in Australia for local digital marketing and advertising. Our ad experts create hyper local paid ad campaigns with right message and offer to get desired results quickly. Our experts can run local ad campaigns on search engine as well as social media that make the optimal utilisation of your budget.

O2 Digital – A Local Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney You Can Trust

We know the local  digital marketing landscape and what needs to be done to make your business shine locally. Since inception, we have helped several Australian businesses grow business with local digital marketing strategies.

While ‘Google My Business’ listing is the right starting point, but there is a lot more to it. The website, content and social media needs to be optimised too. Paid ad campaigns that focus on audience from nearby locations help to get quick results.

Ready to grow business locally?

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