SEO is the most effective digital marketing strategy. Australian businesses as well as B2B marketers (more than 61%) Trust SEO to generate leads over any other way. 

O2 Digital is a KPI driven SEO agency in Australia that focuses in delivering quantifiable business results. Our optimisation efforts are focussed on achievement of SEO goals that helps to achieve business growth – generating leads, sign-ups or other desired conversions. Here is how we get more leads. 

Focus on Search Intent 

User search on Google to find answer to their queries, research on products or services they intend to buy or buy the product itself. However, the search queries used by them change with their search intent – the actual intention behind the search query.  

  • Informational – the searcher is looking for information. 
  • Navigational – the visitor is looking for a way to reach a specific website.
  •  Commercial – the searcher wants to buy but searching for additional information that help him to decide – reviews, comparison, etc. 
  • Transactional – the intent is to make a purchase. 

Our SEO experts identify the keywords that have commercial or transactional intent. The optimisation efforts are made around these targeted keywords. 

Most of these keywords have words and phrases that indicate this intent. Our team members identify the ones that the audience might use to buy the product. For a B2B business, these keywords are easily identified as different ‘persona’ across the industries use them frequently to buy the products.  

Engaging the Audience 

Now that the visitor come to the website with an intent to buy, or read a blog to get more details, the next step is to establish authority of your website and deliver an experience that generates a lead. 

Our team creates a plan that focuses on design – we make the page easy to navigate, and create content that satisfies the search intent.  

  • Easy to navigate design and engaging elements keep the visitor interested. 
  • The content is created to answer the query quickly and precisely. Every part or section of content is created to keep the visitor interested and offers insights or solution to their problem.  

Businesses trust our SEO services in Australia because we focus on results and make the website changes to deliver desired business results.  

Publishing Content Regularly 

It’s a way to ensure that all the targeted keywords are used and published on the website. However, there is another important aspect of doing it – over a period of time, it establishes your website as an authority in the domain. Google also starts to take your website as a source of news or authoritative content. Other ways it benefits your website – 

  • When visitors get what they want on the webpages, the bounce rate is reduced significantly.  
  • Visitors consume the authoritative content that in interlinked to the other pages. It leads to more page views on the website.  
  • Intent optimised web pages get more impressions from several other queries, as Google interprets them as having the same intent and related to the same topic. 

    Optimising Website for Local Search 

    While our SEO efforts ensure that the website is optimised for targeted keywords, small businesses in particular benefit from Local SEO.  

    At O2 Digital, we create Google My Business listing that helps the local audience to find your business easily. Moreover, when they search for your products, they can see the map, reviews and images related to your business or products. It makes your business more credible and readily available for various local search queries.  

    Moreover, we also create presence for your business on numerous other websites for local listings. It also opens various other sources for lead generation.  

    O2 Digital – Trusted SEO Services in Australia for Lead Generation 

    We are a leading SEO agency in Australia focused on small and mid-scale businesses. Our SEO services help your website to rank high on Google, get more traffic and leads.  

    Several Australian businesses have trusted us for full – range of digital marketing services. We can also manage your social media accounts, run paid ad campaigns and also run email marketing campaigns. Consequently, your brand will be established firmly, getting more attention from the audience.  

    Talk to our SEO experts and find out how we can help to grow your brand online across various digital channels. 

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