Australians are spending more time on their phones, and social media apps than ever importance of social media cannot be ignored.  As per a January 2021 survey, 79.9% of the overall Australian population or roughly 20.5 million Australians were active social media users.  

For a small and medium-sized business this means there is a whole world of opportunity as 33% of them refer to social media when looking for any brand information.  

Social Media for SMB Growth 

Many businesses have already seen the marketing value available on these platforms. Social media is not only free, but customers and prospects are already out there waiting to hear from you 

The Yellow Pages Australia Social Media Report 2020 surveyed over 2,000 Australian consumers and businesses to get insights on how SMBs can flourish with social media presence. Here are the findings that underscore the need of social media marketing services for growth. 

Build Brand Awareness 

Users regularly interact with companies they are interested in or want to do business on social media. So, you can increase engagement with brand and grow revenue from product and service sales. 

‘54% consumers look for discounts and 48% of them find give-aways alluring from the  brands or businesses, they follow.’ 

You could tell your brand story on Facebook or write some high-quality content for LinkedIn or share eye-catching visuals on Instagram or YouTube. 

Maximises Engagement 

Small businesses are community and individual focused so that they can establish meaningful connections with customers. You can easily connect with your customers online on various platforms using social media. Ask customers to post pictures on social media with your product or ask them to post reviews. And, if they have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can quickly answer them.  

O2 Digital is a professional internet marketing services Australia agency helps you get the maximum results from your engagement campaigns. 

Targeted Reach  

As a small business setting up your brand, your top priority would be to get your brand across to the right audience to generate leads and convert into consistent customers. 

 Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram give you just the right audience for outreach. They allow your brand to filter its segmentation strategy by narrowing down to a target audience. 

  • Facebook is the most popular social network in Australia among 16 to 64 years olds with 66% Australians using it monthly.(Source) 
  • Facebook users in Australia are among the most active advert clickers globally with an average of 22 adverts clicked per month vs the global average of 12. This is in the top 8% of countries. (Source) 
  • Total Instagram audience in Australia is 11 million. This is 51.6% of the 13+ population. (Source) 
  • LinkedIn is Australia’s premier B2B Social Media platform and visitors spend 10 min 42 secs on an average there and view 8.52 pages per day of content on LinkedIn (Source) 

Low cost but effective advertising 

Small and medium sized businesses have budgetary constraints for marketing and advertising. However, social media marketing comes to your rescue with cost-effective marketing plans and strategic advertising campaigns that will be highly influential for your business at relatively lesser cost than traditional advertising.  

There has been a 25.85% growth in Australian digital advertising market by the end of Q1 2021. This is around 2.5 times more than the expected global spend growth which is around 10.6%. (Source) 

O2 Digital can run ad campaigns to the selected target audience even with low-budget and increase the revenue. Using the myriad ad strategies, we can also establish your brand firmly amongst the audience. 

Result Focused Social Media Management Australia

Top Smo Company In Australia

Australia ranks fifth among countries in the Social Media Advertising market globally.  (Source). According to Hubspot, 92% of businesses who invested in social media marketing efforts were able to get more exposure for their brand. 

With a targeted social media marketing strategy, we can build and strengthen your brand, expand reach, and open new doors for sales and revenue. 47% of SMBs are already on social media.   

It is your turn now to take and we can surely help with Social Media Marketing strategy that delivers real results.  

Why Trust O2 Digital For SMM? 

We have helped several SMB in Australia reach their business goals – more revenue, a credible brand and an ever-growing community. 

Every business is unique – offer products and services with unique value proposition. Our consultants perform an audit into existing social media efforts to find the issues and gaps.  

They research your business, the audience, products and services you are willing to promote and create a social media management strategy specific that will deliver measurable results. You will also get regular updates and reports to gauge the progress made.  

Speak to them now also look at other digital marketing services.  

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