Australians spend a lot of time on popular social media channels. As per Genroe, the daily average time spent on these leading social media platforms are: 

  • YouTube – 19 min and 10 seconds 
  • Facebook – 18 and 40 seconds 
  • Instagram – 8 mins and 51 seconds

Most of it goes in the surfing through the community posts. As a gym owner, reaching out to regular gym goers and providing value through regular health updates will surely build a community. 

O2 Digital can help by targeting healthians and create an engaged community. We can grow the community, regularly engage with the community members, make a valuable source of health updates, and covert members to brand advocates. 

1# Growing your community  

As your SMO services provider, we begin with an audit of existing social media presence. It helps us to identify the issues and gaps plaguing the growth. We create a plan to add new members to your community. 

  • Post high-quality content– We don’t create social media content for the sake of it. Instead, it is meant to add value. For instance, the first requirement to grow a community of health-conscious audience is to update them about healthy diet. 
  • Identifying relevant communities and their members for outreach – Once we identify a handful of relevant communities, we follow them to zero-in on their active members. We reach them out by liking and engaging their posts and eventually invite them to your new community.  
  • Partnering with complementary communities – Gym and health product makers are complementary to gym business. We reach out to such complementary communities and aim to partner for promo swap – we mention their members, and they mention yours. 
  • Leveraging social media ads – Facebook ads are a perfect tool to add new members to the community by offering opt-in deals. 

Not many social media marketing companies follow an organised and focussed strategy like O2 Digital. 

2# Engaging with members 

Once your community or page start seeing growth, we begin to work on ways to keep new members interested. 

  • Listening to conversations – Social listening goes a long way in finding out what the members are a talking about. Posting content and mentioning the members keeps them engaged.  
  • Reacting to Content from Fans – Praise the fan content and giving a shout-out helps to increase the affinity for your gym.  
  • Ask Your Health Expert – These question posts are a way to engage with the community members. Such questions help you to give relevant answers that get reactions and comments.  
  • Prompt Responses to Feedback – Successful communities are built by happy customers. Responding positively and timely to their comments, feedbacks keep the conversation flowing.  
  • Sharing Content from Complementary or Partner Communities – Sharing posts from other communities that add value helps to get more engagement. 
  • Live Sessions – Nothing engages members and gives a recognition to them than live sessions.  

3# Keeping the Community Buzzing with Activities 

Unlike other social media marketing companies, we focus on long-term, which means we continue to buzz your community with regular posts.  

  • Social Media Calendar for Regular Value Posting – We create a social media calendar to keep the members of your community engaged with different types of posts.  
  • Fan Benefits – Most communities that become successful offer numerous benefits to the fans and aren’t limited to market service alone. We plan exclusive benefits to loyal community members. It could be an online voucher code or walk-in discount offer as well. 

4# Boosting Advocacy and Referrals 

In this stage, we focus on brand advocacy and getting referrals. 

  • Asking from members – The best to seek referrals is to ask, and the best way to do it is to create a post that members engage with. However, we go a step ahead and offer referral benefits (vouchers, giveaways, etc.) to the members who do it.  
  • Prizes and Giveaways for Spreading a Word – It’s a sure shot way to get introduced to new members. We create contests and give prizes for sharing/tagging friends. 
  • Working with Influencers – Influencers with sizeable following belonging to dietary and healthcare domain are useful in gaining more traction for your community. We identify and reach out to these influencers and partner with them. 

O2 Digital – Leading SMO service provider for Australian SMBs 

We have kept the social media handles buzzing for several customers. Their brand flourished with an ever-growing community of active and engaged members. Successful social media strategy goes a long way in establishing the credibility of your brand.  

At O2 Digital, we believe in designing digital marketing company that deliver an engaging customer experience and get more conversions. Trust us for search engine optimisation, social media marketing, paid ads and take your business to new heights across different channels.  

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