It is indeed human that we love only those things that we encounter first. Digital visibility is an online representation of your corporate brand showcasing the business’s character, vision, mission and ethics. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the technique of optimizing websites to enhance their ranks, thereby, influencing Google’s automated algorithm. The effective use of “on-page” and “off page” factors to rate a page for specific keyword queries entered by web users, is an ongoing push specialized by SEO experts.  

Did You Know – 97% of consumers research products online prior to making any purchase? 

How will you plan your SEO Campaign?

1.Understanding your market 

Keywords and content are core factors that determine how aptly your site is optimized for your target audience including the words they browse for. Analyzing your competitors is a healthy effort to discover opportunities rewarded by Google which are currently untapped. A detailed and periodic website audit will look for unidentified tags and other errors that form a barrier in your ranking.  

2. Key to Keywords 

A Keyword unlocks obstacles that interfere in the process of organic online ranking for your website. It is utmost significant that you make the right choice of words or phrases which can be easily searched by the consumer. A Keyword leads the crawlers in the top possible way to enable your potential buyers arrive on your landing page. Draw up a list of keywords that match most accurately with your URL or corresponding pages. This list will build your base in prioritizing optimization of your website.  

3. Content – Qualify and Quantified 

Planning your content for SEO is as important as planning your components for the final product. White Hat SEO or quality content without misleading the consumer, invariably results into quantifying the website through conversions. It also opens up various avenues for you the marketer, to focus and target the right end users through broader and high traffic search phrases.   

4. Review  

SEO is an automated process but certainly not a one-time input attempt. The website engagement and marketing, deserve a constant evaluation not just for its functioning, but also the real time strategy. SEO is a concept but cannot be regularized or standardized. Each brand planning will be required to customize its arrangement depending on the product and outreach. Monitoring the techniques adopted will further ease out the dents in the trial and error loops of the system.  

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