Post-pandemic every business whether large or small wants to grow at a fast pace. The challenge for small businesses is the lack of large marketing budget. Thanks to low-cost marketing on Facebook, and its ever-growing user-base, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. The recent data show that there are 16 million active Australians on Facebook, which is 64% of the entire population. This huge number points to a large audience for any business online. While you may have already created a Facebook page, it’s time to update it (consider hiring a social media agency) and put your business on growth path.  

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page 

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Businesses keep changing. New products are launched, new stores are set-up, office locations change, and people change too. Even more important consideration is coming-up of new businesses that offer similar products and services. These changes should be reflected in your Facebook page. It should link to your website as well. If you created a new logo recently, update it on the page too. 

The featured cover photo should reflect the campaign focus. It can be used to showcase a new product or service, announce an upcoming event (sale), celebrate a festival or day.n innovative image helps gain reactions and keeps the page buzzing. 

The blue button on the page should be relevant to the business objective and overall strategy. It makes sense to add a strong Action button. Choose the relevant one to the current campaign and desired action from visitors. 

Choose Relevant Facebook Page Button 
Desired Action  Button 
Add Followers  Follow 
More Bookings  Book Now 
More Quotations  Get Quote 
More Calls  Call Now 
More Signup  Sign Up 
Get Leads  Contact Us 
More Messages on Messenger  Send Message 
More Emails  Email Now 

Create a Vibrant Content Calendar 

It is crucial to understand what ‘content’ is for social media. Certainly, it is not plain text alone. Rather, it’s images, videos and gifs that your audience finds interesting and engages with! Facebook posts are a means to enhance brand visibility, get involved with the audience to create brand positioning that they’ll like to remain associated with. So, the content calendar should include 

  •  Industry trends and updates 
  • Product updates 
  • Seasonal trends 
  • Popular topics 
  • PR coverage etc. 

The audience involvement ensures that they revisit your page looking for updates. ‘Google Trends’ is a great tool to identify what the audience is searching for. Research the most searched keywords and create content based on them. Use FB Business suite to create and schedule content.  

Video posts are also popular amongst online consumers. For best results, keep the video short, those with 21-seconds duration are more likely to be seen fully. Moreover, these are watched over smartphones. Most engaging videos tend to be 2-minute long so aim for these.  If you are unable to create videos on own, consider hiring a Facebook marketing company. 

Create a Post with Purpose 

Regular posting is crucial for increasing brand visibility. Most brands typically publish 2–5 posts in a day that includes many varieties with different media. However, posting just for the sake of it will not help.  

For better results, it is best to have a clear purpose. Content should be created with the audience in mind and what purpose it will serve for them. The tone should vary and it may be friendly, engaging, or informative.  

While it’s up to the audience how they react to a post, it is always better to help them and give everything that would help. A strong call-to-action reminds them about the action and including a link along with contact number enables them to learn more and contact.  

Listen and Monitor  

Social listening and monitoring are crucial to identify what the audience is talking about. Social ‘mentions’ for similar products or related topics are worth considering for content creation. 

Hiring a Facebook marketing company (e.g., O2 Digital) can go a long way in responding to competition. It can conduct the research and find what the competitors are posting about. The agency can create relevant content to gain the attention of the audience and keep your business ahead.  

Build a community 

As your followers grow, start thinking about creating a community to focus on customer interests and deepen the relationship. However, it is more difficult in practice. Begin with creating a Facebook group and invite the target audience with similar interest to this community. For instance, leading brands like Apple iPhone have created group around their iconic products. 

People join groups as fixed place to voice their issues and opine. They know that once they reach out to the group and drop a message, someone will surely respond or offer support. Brands also find it easy to support clients and even offer special coupons to the members. It pays off in form-increased brand loyalty and advocacy.  

Be active in those interest groups where your audience is present. Once a brand is established as an authority, it has a loyal following and more visibility. It often means more brand equity and more revenues.   

Boost Posts for More Reach 

A regular post on the page feed is invisible to the entire relevant audience. In some Facebook posts a blue button ‘Boost Post’ may appear. It can be used to increase the reach and engagement of a post for a fee. Boosted reaches appear in the Facebook News Feed of targeted audience where a regular post can’t. Hence, it is more likely to grow following and generate leads. When promoting a post, invite the audience to like your page and follow your brand. A small boosting cost can go a long way in building a brand in long-run.

Ready Reckoner – Facebook Marketing Tips 2021 
Facebook Page Optimization  Update Logo, Action Button, Cover Photo, Keywords Etc. 
Content Calendar  Consider Industry Updates, Product Updates, Seasonal Trends, Popular Topics, PR etc. 
Posting With Purpose  Purpose Of Post, Include Link, Contact etc. 
Listening and Monitoring  Audience Conversations, Competition Monitoring 
Building a community  Product Community for Customers 
Boosting Posts  For More Reach & Engagement 

Having a social media agency to handle social media presence has many benefits. Your social media presence across various channels is handled regularly. If you find it difficult to create images, and engaging videos on own, it’s better to reach out to an agency.

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