You have a coffee shop in Drummoyne, Sydney. What is your chance of getting a customer from the Richmond area? Almost zero, isn’t it?
So, why should your digital market activities focus on ambiguous target market randomly and see all efforts going in vain? Instead, it makes fine business sense to work on local search engine optimization and leverage its benefitsAfter all, your coffee shop in Drummoyne is more likely to serve the local customers’ needs working in and around Drummoyne than any other part of the city or country. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a potent tool to increase the search visibility of a business operating in the local area. It is beneficial for the small businesses with physical location that of like grocery stores, electricians, coffee shops, repairing centres, nursing homes or any other business entity operating around a certain geographical region.  

Local SEO includes several processes including claiming a business listing, ensuring a franchise location appears on the search engine, also known as location data or citation management. Managing online reviews and rating, demographic social media management are also included in local SEO. In short, through local SEO, your brand leverages local search traffic to generate quality leads.  

Advantages of Local SEO for small businesses?

Before we understand the advantages of Local SEO, let us see it through the lens of statistics: 

  • 50of people who did a local search on their phone went to a physical store within one day 
  • 18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale within one day 
  • 50% of local searchers search for things like a local business address 
  • 1 in 3 searches on the phone are done just before arriving at a store. 
  • 97% of consumers look online for local businesses  

General SEO benefits with local SEO:

First, like standard small business SEO services, local SEO also helps increase website traffic. Just like with SEO, here too your local community outreach can be strengthened apart from enhancing dominance in the local market. The major benefit is that through local SEO, you can have deeper insight into the ideal customers’ intents and desires so that you can devise strategies to counter them. 

Attract more customers and save advertising cost

Local SEO still being SEO, needs your business to be listed and indexed in search engines. So, you don’t need to spend additional money for local SEO if you have already opted for SEO services. It can be done with your regular SEO by targeting the right keywords with specific locations. 

The whole game is about ranking high in relevant local searches. The focus is on people with intent to buy. Local SEO targets customers who are close to your physical store and are actively looking for your type of business. Therefore, with the right customer targeting, you can attract more customers. For small businesses, these all may look costly affair. But local SEO is specifically developed to drive real-time traffic to your business and generate leads. Hence it all boils down to better return on investment, which is almost guaranteed if you take the assistance of a professional SEO agency in Australia. Besides, organic search because of effective execution of SEO strategies will also save on advertising costs. 

Improve online visibility

SEO gives power to you if done in the right way. It doesn’t matter if you are up against the competition with a group of larger corporations who are throwing in their weight and money. Effective local SEO strategies and execution can make people in your area more aware of your businessIncreasing visibility by putting your business name and information for the customers to see has important implicationsThey will keep your business in mind even if they don’t opt you for the first time they search your types of business online. Your customer might choose you in the future. An experienced SEO company in Australia can increase the visibility of your business through data-driven SEO solutions.

SG Getting Started With SEO A Guide For Small Businesses

Your business will be displayed on Google Map

If your business is ranked for local SEO, Google will start showing your store location on the Google Maps. This gives an edge to your business, as the searcher with intent can locate your store just by tapping on the map. Google Maps navigation will assist your customer in locating the physical address of your store.  

Local SEO has an immense potential to boost your business. But like any other business, you need to be pro-active and execution of any strategy must be spot on. O2 Digital is a reliable SEO agency for small business in Australia that implements data-driven SEO strategies, while keeping local markets into consideration. We have a team of expert SEO professionals with years of experience in providing local SEO solutions.