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O2 Digital is a leading Hotel SEO Services Company in Australia. We offer a wide range of SEO services to hotel and resorts that help them in maximizing their online exposure.

Why Hotel need SEO Services in Australia?

  • SEO has become a crucial element of SEO strategy regardless of the industry. The hospitality industry is no different. Hotels also need SEO for driving traffic to their website.
  • The trend of online hotel booking is increasing rapidly. Hotel SEO services increase the online visibility of the hotel. People generally use the keyword “best hotel” in Google, and they get tons of results.
  • Don’t you want your hotel to rank higher on the first Google page? Then you need our professional hotel SEO services.
  • The better will be the SEO of a site; higher will be the quality index that is assigned by Google.
  • Higher Ad positions further result in better conversion rates and higher ROI.
  • SEO service for hotels is a must-have as it will help in building your hotel credibility customer loyalty and brand awareness.
  • 33% of the visitors click on the results that appear on the first page.
  • Only 18% of the visitors click on the second Google page.

Tips for Hotel SEO

There are several SEO tips for a hotel that can help in building the best SEO strategy for your hotel business:

  1. One of the first tips will be to update meta descriptions and page titles for each of your hotel website pages. The page titles and meta description tell you about what people are looking for and what your webpage includes related to their queries.
  2. Meta descriptions and titles also give an opportunity to get ranked on the keywords you want.
  3. Ensure that your hotel website is loading at a good speed, as your website will include large-sized images that may negatively affect your website speed.
  4. This is not desirable from an SEO perspective.
  5. Keyword stuffing is a big No for a good SEO optimized website. Keyword stuffing leads to confusions among the guests visiting your website.
  6. The process of SEO will not give your hotel website the instant results
  7. Be patient! The SEO process takes time, but it will give you the best results in the long term.

O2 Hotel SEO Services

Why O2 Digital

  • We are a Digital marketing agency with a solid SEO experience in different industries, including the hotel industry. Our hotel SEO services have already helped several businesses gain higher rankings.
  • Unlike other SEO services, we do not jump into conclusions regarding the SEO of your website; rather, we work on identifying the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats using a SWOT analysis.
  • We work with a goal-achieving 100% satisfaction of our clients with our customized Hotel SEO services.
  • We understand that running a hotel business is both the time and money consuming process; therefore, we offer the SEO packages that are incredibly affordable.

Hotel SEO-FAQs

How Does SEO Work?

This is the most common question that our customers often ask us. There are three main factors on which SEO works, including the – crawlablity, Relevancy and authority.  We’ll define these factors for you.

  1. Crawlability – It is about the ability of a search engine to crawl and access the page content. If a website has effective crawlability then it will be easier for the crawlers to access the links and content on a page.
  2. Authority – Authority of a website indicates its reputation in the eyes of search engines like Google. In simple words, authority measures that “what’s the size of your pie?”. Everyone wants their pie to big.
  3. Relevancy – The third factor is Relevancy that Google uses to understand about your website to send the relevant audience to the site.

How will I improve my hotel website’s Relevancy?

Yes, we’ll let you know the process that will help in improving the Relevancy of your website.

First of all, identify the phrases and keywords that people use for searching the “best hotel”. The website should then be updated according to the new keywords and phrases. Make it easier for Google to understand that you offer the best hotel Services.

Use advanced SEO tools including the – Google’s Keyword Planner that is paid, and there are other paid tools including Moz, SEMRush and  Ahrefs.

The new keywords and phrases determined should also be included in the alternate text, title text, inlinks and the header text.

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