There is a major shift in the Australian market in the last few years, especially after covid-19. Nowadays, buyers often begin with online market research and choose the property that matches their vision.

To remain in business, boost sales, and expand the growth in the real estate market, many real estate brokers, agents, and property owners are embracing internet marketing strategies. These trendy online strategies help local realtors generate new leads and conversions and even help close deals over the internet.

Partner with O2 Digital, a leading Internet marketing company in Australia, to make efforts that result in growth. Our digital marketing team develops a strategy that engages potential buyers. Here is how we help and grow your online real-estate business.

#1 User–Friendly Website Design

Designing a site that meets clients’ expectations isn’t easy. A real estate web design can make a huge difference. Adding and highlighting the key features of hot properties through high-quality images and visuals builds trust among the audience and earn their loyalty.

Your website is a digital brand and is important to ensure that it creates the right impression. A professional web designer creates enticing & relevant web designs and also ensures that the website is responsive to browse comfortably on any device.

O2 digital team will help build a strong web presence for your brand. We engage your potential clients with stunning web designs, new & fresh content, easy navigation and attractive CTA buttons.

#2 Email Marketing

A solid online marketing plan ensures that realtors get quality leads and convert them into loyal clients. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies that can bring a large pool of targeted traffic and a higher return on investment (ROI) for your real-estate business.

According to taketumble’s research, 78% of B2B marketers had adopted email as a digital marketing channel in the year 2021. Experts say an email list is a great way to garner a client database and eventually gather warm that is easier to convert.

Our marketers create a well-planned email marketing funnel that influences potential buyers to take pre-determined actions. As a reliable online marketing services company, O2 Digital helps realtors increase email-sign ups through effective landing pages.

#3 Social Media Advertising/ Marketing

Social media is a great medium to reach and engage young to middle aged group customers and clients. With a huge portion of Australian buyers and realtors present over social media, it significantly impacts your business. Establishing your brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram helps showcase house/property pics to the prospective audience.

Although viewers may not contact you with a single post, your company’s unique social media presence can improve discoverability and brand reinforcement and help solve queries by directly interacting with potential customers.

O2 Digital is a trusted agency for SMO marketing in Australia. We give your brand a grand exposure and a unique identity that your followers can easily relate to. Other than that, we also bring authenticity and humanity touch to your brand – important to win social media audiences’ trust.

#4 Search Engine Optimisation

No matter how good your website looks, without a robust SEO strategy, you won’t be able to drive a relevant audience to the real-estate website. Implementing a real estate SEO marketing strategy can scale your business website to the top of search engines. Hiring professional marketers to take charge of boosting web traffic by optimising content being published.

Our team at O2 Digital assist and give your brand the boost it deserves. They update your keyword strategy and adopt modern technology to position your brand high at SERPs while search engine algorithm updates regularly.

#5 Video Marketing

To stay at the top of the real estate market is tough. As a broker, you have to stand above the competitors in the market to generate higher ROI. In today’s landscape, video marketing is one of the most effective techniques that bring maximum conversion. Landing pages with properties visuals and videos tend to influence buying decisions of potential clients and convert them to leads.

O2 Digital helps you successfully bond with your clients. Our video content strategy is more attention-grabbing, engaging, and convenient, bringing a long-lasting impact on the viewer.

Why Choose O2 Digital as your Online Marketing Services Company?

We have gained a reputation as a leading real estate online marketing agency for small businesses in Australia that bring more traffic, lead, and sales. Our focus is to create content that entices audience to read more.

Realtors can leverage multiple online strategies, including SEO, SMO, PPC, Email marketing and website development & designing to boost their chances of getting found by potential audiences.

Get in touch with our team to expand your business reach and visibility among prospects.