Small and medium businesses are a vital component of Australia’s economic landscape. SMBs contribute to 57% of Australia’s GDP which is a remarkable contribution to the economy with their job creation and business opportunities.  

A downward surge in economic confidence can make businesses take fewer risks and spend less on growth initiatives.  Australian SMBs comprise of a resilient lot and despite the challenges of the last 12 months, Aussie entrepreneurs are striving for growth.  

The Amazon Launchpad Innovation Report 2020 brought to light the following highlight based on research conducted on 1001 SMBs: 

  • 89% SMBs feel more resilient in running their businesses,  
  • 78 % are ready to use e-commerce and digital tools to promote business success. 
  • 34% said lockdown restrictions helped them rethink their digital strategies. 

    Professional Expertise – A pre-requisite for SMB Success 

    E-commerce has been a key driver for business continuity and growth over the past year. SMB success closely relies on the importance of professional advice and expertise. Websites and social media profiles are the face of business and SMBs are aware of the rising prominence of SEO services.  

    You need full-fledged SEO services of an experienced and professional SEO company to enhance your digital representation of business. A good SEO agency shows right path to embrace e-commerce, invest into innovation and harness digital tools to connect with customers and improve business revenue. Here is where SMB SEO services Australia come into the picture. 

    SEO offers the direct benefits of increasing revenue with higher rankings and increased traffic. At the same time, it also offers subtle set of abilities to increase revenue. 

    Showcase your portfolio of products and services 

    Showcasing your brand on social media and the internet is a must if you are looking to work on your revenue numbers. 46% Google searches look for local information (Source: GoGulf). SEO is important for your small business because it enables customers in your area to find you first and identify your product and services. 

    SEO services of a professional SEO company also take your online business availability a notch higher which is the first step toward revenue generation through improved reach. 

    Keyword Prioritization 

    An effective SEO content strategy keeps keyword research in its top priority list. As a business owner, you want to ensure your website ranks for the search phrases that people use. The higher is your website’s rank for relevant keywords, the higher are the chances that your business will be discovered by relevant customers searching for your products or services. 

    Build authority for your website through backlinks 

    Backlinks within your website – hyperlinking to a previous blog post or sharing links to specific products or services help boost ranking. However, real value of backlinks comes from outside sources, like reputable local directories and events.  

    The web pages of an authoritative domain rank higher than a page on a domain with less authority. As a good SEO company, we help you build high quality backlinks in a scalable way that grow your Google rankings, brand, and the revenue. 

    Expand your reach 

    Your small business website needs to be effective for an enhanced reach. It opens up your business to a brand-new audience. With targeted SEO services, you can connect with more customers that are interested in your product or services for a far-reaching long-term growth.  

    A large percentage of this traffic needs to be your target customers, customers ready to buy, and people who like to engage with your brand.  

    O2 Digital is a SMB SEO Services that helps you reach your business goals. More reach often leads to more traffic, which in turn leads to more conversions and sales. 

    Increased Traffic 

    Traffic is very important factor when evaluating SEO ROI. Effective SEO makes your site more visible in the organic search results. Over 50% of global website traffic enters websites by the organic search results clicks. When you invest in SEO, you can easily expect significant rise in traffic. 

    Increased Conversion Rate 

    Having a lot of website traffic does not guarantee conversions and customers. Without proper SEO strategy, you probably won’t get any organic traffic. 90.63% of web pages get no organic search traffic from Google. 

    The right SEO services Australia utilize quality content that incorporates keywords without any stuffing. This boosts your website visibility on search engines. As a result, your SEO improves and it drives more visitors to your website. In turn, you get higher conversion rates and consequently higher sales and profits. 

    Reduced Bounce Rate  

    SEO services take a closer look at user intent and engagement to improve and deliver better user experiences – fast page speeds and mobile-friendliness. Micro-conversions and clear-cut CTAs keep people interested in your brand. SEO uses effective web design to maximize ROI. 

    O2 Digital – Australia’s most professional SEO company

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    We have helped many SMBs realise the full potential of their website. Over the past many years, several businesses have trusted us as their digital marketing services partner.  

    We have ranked many keywords on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Moreover, our focus has always been on increasing revenue for our clients.  Many of our customers have seen their revenue rise manifold.  

    Want to see revenue move northwards? 

    Speak to our consultants and find how focussed SEO strategies can increase revenue for your small business. 

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