Google Algorithm has done seismic shifts in the past years. It has almost destroyed businesses’ money and dedications overnight. Few business sites weren’t able to recover after algorithms updates and are still struggling. Those few industries have urgently hired seo services australia. On the other hand, it has uplift SEO sometimes which has improved the overall user experience. During the pandemic situation, Google Recently announced new updates that can support your organic rank in the coming years. Let us first get to know what exactly Google Algorithm and Core Update is.

What is Google Algorithm?

When Google makes a particular change or addition to the search engine, it’s known as Google Algorithm. It aims to provide better results for the search queries and filter the websites based on ranking factors. It downranked sites that don’t provide acquaintance and uses wrong ways to rank their site on SERP. Google Algorithm aims to enhance the search experience for users through uplifting relevant and useful content. Hence, if your website has too faced this issue, then the only way to deal with this is to fix the defaults.

What are Core Updates?

Every year, many sets of Google core algorithm updates hit the market. Some prove to be a disaster for the websites while others rank at the top of Google SERP. The aim behind core updates is to make sure that Google remains on-sticked to provide authoritative and relevant information. These Core Updates often happen several times a year.

Some latest updates that have drastically changed the businesses

  1. The December 2020 Core Update

    The last and latest core update of 2020 was on December 3rd where Google announced the rolling out of third. This took around 2 weeks to be completely rolled out and was based on the previous reiterations by Google. This update was released after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season but has disanointed a large number of industries. However, according to some reports, this update was even heavier than may 2020 core update.

  2. Core Update Image

  3. The Google BERT In May 2020

    Remember in 2019, Google launched BERT for 10% of all queries? Well, as a surprise it has changed in May 4, 2020. Now, it has expanded to all the queries and now used for almost 100% of all English-language queries. Google said at an event that BERT has helped improve search results on “specific searches” by 7%. Google expanded the use of BERT to many areas including matching stories to fact-checking.

  4. The Core Update on Jan 2020

    Google’s first core update of 2020 was in January 2020 that has impacted the ranking of some famous websites. After a few industries started panicking, Google clears that the affected websites’ owners don’t need to worry about fixing the faults. They just need to optimize the quality of their content with a focus aspect on why their rankings dropped.

  5. The Indexing Bug, Pt. 2 in October 2020

    On 12th October 2020, Google claimed that the indexing he bulk and canonicalization bug(s) had been fixed around October 14th. Drop-in indexed pages and a temperature of 104°F around October 12th was measured with the 90s lasting for a few days after.

  6. The May 2020 Core Update:

    Another broad core algorithm update has affected the ranking of the majority of the websites. Sites having irrelevant or thin content should focus on the relevancy. From a survey, it was found that almost 46% of the websites have at least one page with thin content. Hence, it was needed to enhance the word volume to improve user experience and all the duplicate title tags or meta descriptions should be removed.

Here are some tips to Improve Ranking in 2021

  • Keep your Website Mobile Friendly to

    Almost 60% of internet users prefer mobile devices and your website should be designed to work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Hence, always make sure that your website can be accessed from the user’s perspective.

  • Reducing your Website load-time for users

    As a consumer, if a website takes more than 6 seconds to load, will you wait for the load time, or will switch to something else? If your site takes too long to load, you will end up losing your consumer and your potential sale. We recommend you to contact the best online marketing services australia.

  • Providing your users, a Safe browsing experiences

    Google has always provided Safe Browsing and protects users from harmful content. Hence, it’s mandatory to ensure you’re providing a safe browsing experience for your website. This will help you to build your visitors’ trust.

  • Skipping the popups

    We all are tired of clicking on “Close Buttons”. Aren’t we? So are our customers. Of course, every website needs advertising but to a limit. Avoiding any extraneous content that blocks your main view of the content is a wrong move. This will trigger your reader to leave your website and will create a negative effect on SEO ranking factors no matter even if you hire a seo agency australia.

Google has already made significant changes this year. Let’s see what it has for 2021.