Content marketing has emerged as the top choice for small business who wants to quickly engage their audience with shareable content. Almost 80% population in the country is active on social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. For business decision makers, LinkedIn is the top choice to grow their network.

O2 Digital offers digital marketing services to create, publish, and promote content on the various social media channels. A shareable content gives a sudden push to the popularity and also gets more conversions in the business. When you are choosing a digital marketing agency for content marketing, here are the key things to know.

1# Work Portfolio

It’s the first thing that you should look at. You can also come to know about the kind of work that’s delivered by us to the small businesses. Our creative team creates the branding images, infographics, videos etc, they are published by the brand development team to get more traction.

2# Established Process

Any content marketing agency that has been in the business for the past several years now must have established processes. It is crucial for the success of the project, and you know clearly about the activities that will be performed and when they will be performed. At O2 Digital, we have been serving Australian businesses for the past several years now. Our processes are well established, and we give our customers a clear schedule for the completion of the project.

3# Unparalleled Expertise

Creating visual content requires expertise in graphic design, and we have a team that creates visual content to be published on the various channels. Over the year we have developed expertise in delivering visual content of all types – images, infographics, carousels, videos, short videos, vlogs, etc. Moreover, we also create textual content in the form of blogs, articles, guest posts that is published on the leading digital channels. We have a team of dedicated writers who create content keeping in mind the needs of your brand.

4# Relentless Focus on Your Audience

Your target audience is at the core of every digital marketing activity that we undertake. Even before we begin any content creation activity, we try to know as much as possible about the audience personas and their preferences.

Who is reading, watching, listening to, what kind of digital content is what we try to find answers for? Our researchers go through various sources to identify the personas that constitute your target audience.

Example Persona – Blue chip

These are highly educated and cultured Australians. They live a life that’s a dream for average Australians. They have the highest income, have their homeownership. The blue chips are capable of fulfilling their desires, they go to the best theatres, and dine in the uptown restaurants. Most importantly, they form the segment that spends a lot.

At O2 Digital, we try to identify all such personas, and create content they like to consume. For instance, might create a short video menu for your restaurant and publish it on Facebook, or YouTube.

5# Results on KPIs

The success of every content marketing campaign should be measurable with metrics. For instance, the engagement of a social media post is best measured with applause rate, average engagement rate, amplification rate, virality rate etc.

Our experts at O2 Digital track the metrics to gauge the effect of content marketing done for a specific target audience. We continuously alter our strategy and ensure that you get the desired results.

6# Landing Page and Boosting Conversions

When the target audience comes across the content, they might want to visit the landing page provided as the link. A content marketing agency also creates a landing page and identifies the conversion paths.

At O2 Digital, our team focuses on creating landing pages that increase the chance of conversions. We put all the elements that your target audience needs.

Why Trust O2 Digital as Your Digital Marketing Consultant?

We have been serving Australian small businesses for the past several years now. We offer a full range of digital marketing services that also includes content marketing.

As a content marketing agency, we have undertaken full – fledged campaigns that have increased the brand awareness amongst the target audience.

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