Almost every institute, school, coaching and training centre in the education sector had to resort to online ways to imparting classes during the pandemic. New enrolments happened online. However, several Australian businesses in education industry are yet to upgrade their websites to make capable of delivering online education.

At O2 Digital, we have design experts who create fresh and enticing website design for your education business. Our designs are mobile friendly, so the students can access their lessons on the go over their smartphones.

1# Fully Understands your Business Needs

The agency you choose must spend considerable time to fully understand your business. It helps them to create a design that the users find easy to navigate. They can easily find the content that they are looking for – and consuming the content is also easy.

Our designers begin with an initial discussion on what you want to achieve with your website. It helps us to clarify the design goals and create a wireframe for the website based on it. In subsequent meetings, we keep updating the design to make the changes.

2# Portfolio of Websites

When you are evaluating the competencies of the agencies, you should first look into the websites that the agency has delivered in the past. It will give insight about how your website may look like.

O2 Digital has been in the business for the past several years now. We have created websites for many industries. You can check out our portfolio for the website development in Australia. We have designed websites for a wide variety of industries.

3# Experience in Developing Websites

It’s crucial that the agency you trust for designing the website knows the technology and deliver an experience that engages them on their preferred device. For an educational website whose primary audiences are students, it means that they can easily access the resources they want.

At O2 Digital, there are several things that we take care about while developing your website.

  • CMS Platform – We use the world’s most popular CMS platform (WordPress) to create your bespoke website. Our UI/UX team will create the design and the content team will create the content for the pages.
  • Fast Loading Pages – If a page takes more than 3-seconds to load, the visitor will bounce away to the other website. When we are creating pages, we ensure that they load quickly.
  • Mobile Friendly Design – We create pages that are mobile friendly. It means that the students will be able to access the website over the smartphone or the tablet. This functionality has been very useful for students. The can easily catch-up on their classes.

4# Optimised for Better Visibility on SERP

Will the design agency deliver a website optimised for search engines? It is crucial to find the answer to this question, as a non-optimised site won’t appear on the first page of a search engine.

At O2 Digital, we’ll create a website follows the search engine guidelines. We’ll create page elements that are not heavy and search engines bots like them too! Our team can also optimise the speed of the website for the device most used by your audience.

5# Ease of Communication

During the development process, there is a lot of communication between the agency’s team and your team. So, it’s absolutely crucial that there is no friction and the messages flow easily. The agency’s team should be readily available over the mail, chat as well as other means for easy exchange of ideas.

At O2 Digital, our team is always available during the business hours. Our experts interact with your team and consider your views in the entire development process. As soon as we develop any website page, our team showcases it to your team. Your suggestions and changes are discussed and implemented afterwards.

O2 Digital – Web Design Agency in Australia You Can Trust

We have been in this industry for the past several now and have developed websites for various industry verticals. Businesses trust us for their website, as we follow a customer – centric approach.

Online education industry has witnessed growth in the past few years due to pandemic. However, with more Australian’s using the internet, having a trendy online education website is a big advantage.

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