Most businesses are working their way to normalcy after the disruption caused by COVID-19 in various innovative ways. Restaurants, across Australia, are finding ways to boost their business too. 

‘Takeaways’ & ‘Food Delivery Services’ are a norm for many, as they move away from dine-in to delivery-only as means to serve customers. Almost 73% of millennials in Australia placed their food orders over food delivery app, and the number is only increasing, as per Goodman Fielder. 

While the food delivery apps have been a success, the high fee imposed by a majority of them adds to the operating expenses. Many large restaurants have already created a website and accepting orders over it. Smaller restaurants willing to have their website and grow online are reaching out to restaurant website design company like O2 Digital. Here is a road-map for your restaurant business success. 

One | Create a Stunning Website 

Delicious food creates craving, so should the website. More small restaurants are opting for theme-based website, that take less time to ‘go live’ and fits the budget. However, that’s just the first step, and several other things matter. 

Give visitors an experience 

Visual outlay of the website often decides how far the user goes during navigation. It drives users to the areas of website where you want them to go and leads to desired conversions. Our customer experience (CX) experts create design options that delivers your brand. It’s inquisitive, engaging, and makes them hungry for more.   

Put high-quality images to make them drool 

Lively images of food fuel the huger within. Quality images over a tidy design inspire actions. More visitors prefer to order food online once they have seen the images. Restaurants catering to international tourists know how important food images are for an order. However, the images need to be optimised for fast page load speed to ensure that visitors don’t have to wait for too long. 

Offer a pleasing Food Menu  

The first thing any visitor look at after occupying a seat in the restaurant is the food menu. While visiting your restaurant website, it may be the first thing sought. An aesthetically designed menu appeals visitors to glance through the food items along with their prices and place order in right quantity. As restaurant website design company Australia, we know how to create a website with finesse. 

Mobile First Design is must 

Food delivery apps have ensured that majority of orders are done over mobile device. Expect most customers to reach your website over mobile device for placing an order. As a leading restaurant website design company, we ensure that your website looks consistent on mobile or tablet device too. 

Help them locate your restaurant  

A website visitor may get interested in a dine-in. Presence on Google Map, helps in reach your restaurant. Restaurant name, location, map, and menu are a few details that must be there on the website. 

Two | Reach out to customers 

Once the website is delivered, promoting your restaurant online is the next thing to do. It begins with identifying the target audience, reaching out to them over social media and other ways. 

As per Genroe, as on January 2021, 20.5 million Australians, were actively using social media, that’s 79.9% of the overall population with social media accounts. Moreover, 98% of Australian users access social media via a mobile device. The top three most used social media sites in Australia are: 

  • Facebook (90.31% of >13 years olds used in May 2021) 
  • YouTube (87% of >13 years olds used in May 2021) 
  • Instagram (47.81% of >13 years olds used in May 2021) 

Run Ads on Facebook and Instagram 

A brand awareness is a good point to begin promoting your restaurant brand. Keep these things in mind while planning ad campaigns. 

  • Show your food product in ad 
  • Describe the flavor 
  • Mention why it’s popular 
  • Find USP and position that in the ad 
  • Use a product catalogue ad to make the visitors aware about a meal offer or various products.

Find whether the restaurant website design company that delivered the website can run ad campaigns on social media too. O2 Digital has helped many customers with social media campaigns. 

Google Listing 

Local presence is crucial in restaurants. If a visitor searches for your restaurant on Google, they can find relevant, useful information. Claim your restaurant listing on Google Map by providing the relevant details. Ensure that your restaurant appears prominently on the ‘restaurants near me’ local searches. In this way, visitors may even call and place an order. 

Content Marketing 

Create interest in your restaurant and reach desired target audience through various ways. 

  • Create videos: Videos are a highly engaging form of content. Create videos for your restaurant, chef, cooking in action, tips, testimonials etc. Go a step ahead by taking it to people in the neighbourhood. Ask questions, capture their answers, and share the videos to YouTube. 
  • Publish Menu: Many visitors prefer to look at the menu before placing an order. Post on Facebook handle, or share a Tweet about a new addition of food item in the menu.  
  • Post Real Food Images on Instagram: Created a new recipe and share. It’s a great way to entice diners. Post them before meal time to get more attention and engagement.  

O2 Digital Has Helped Many Businesses Grow Online 

As Australian digital marketing agency for SMBs we have created website presence for many businesses including restaurants. Our designs are mobile first and delight your customers. We promote your business through website as well.  

  • Facebook and Instagram Marketing: Our team works closely with you to increase outreach of your business. We also plan and implement paid ad campaigns to create brand awareness and boosting online orders. 
  • Content Creation and Marketing: Our content team can create engaging blogs, videos, and photos that can build a loyal customer base.  

Get in touch with our team of experts, and watch your business flourish online.