It is the responsibility of an SEO professional to take necessary measures to ensure that there’s virtually no issues with a website’s content. However, many issues are not in control of SEO experts and such issues occur inadvertently. And there is no specific tactic to resolve such problems as there is only constant vigilance and accurate technical support can deal with them. 

Here are some critical SEO issues explained in detail, along with their solutions. 

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1. Indexation Issue – Clients often question why aren’t they ranking for their brand name. This might be head-scratcher for many but for SEO experts, it’s actually a challenge. There might be 1001 different questions that professional SEO service experts can write down and keep racking their heads. However, they can start by addressing the simplest of issues first as the solution to even more complex issues lie in the basics. They can start by checking if the pages on our site even indexing. 

They can just search their website on Google and see if it is appearing or not. They need to go further and check different pages on your website, including product pages and blog postsDo not forget to check if subdomains are indexed. Also, check if your website has been hacked/spam or if anything uncommon is present. 

2. False Robots.txt – This simple “/” is perhaps the single most damaging character in all of SEO which is often improperly placed in the robots.txt file. Developers often commit such mistakes, mostly out of ignorance or because of just being tired. They forget to change the robots.txt file after redeveloping the website. This might seem like a redundant error but if SEO experts check random websites, they’ll find that many websites are either down or blocked because of this issue. And this is quite rampant as well. 

To check this out on your website, visit your website and add extension: it shows “User-agent: * Disallow: /”, immediately talk to your developer as it might be set up in the same way. This extension can get even complex with ecommerce websites and therefore, it’s better that the professional SEO service carefully studies it and resolves it involving the developer. 

3. Meta Robots NOINDEX – Those who do not know, there are files even more damaging than ‘robot.txt’, i.e. Meta robot NOINDEX. A wrongly configured robot.txt (deliberately or non-deliberately), will not pull your pages out of Google’s index if they’re already listed. However, in the case of a NOINDEX directive, it will remove all the existing pages from the indexing. SEO professionals have to understand that NOINDEX set up is needed in a website’s development phase. This is quite a common mistake as many website development projects are often behind schedule and the website goes live at the last hour. And this is precisely where many such mistakes happen. Therefore, SEO experts have to ensure that Meta robots NOINDEX is removed from the website. On their end, SEO professionals must perform a check by viewing the source code of their website pageIf there is ‘INDEX’, ‘FOLLOW’ or nothing at all, you don’t have to worry about it.  

However, if you see any of –  




You need to consult your developer and resolve the issue. And, you can also use automated tools for finding out similar errors as those will save a lot of time and effort. 

This should be alerting for website owners that it’s highly-likely that your developer may not pay attention, monitor or fix your technical SEO problems. They also do not really care about your website traffic as well for obvious reasonsTherefore, if you don’t have an SEO professional helping you out with technical SEO issues, don’t assume or rely on your developer for it. They already have enough to take care of and it is not their job as well. 

Many technical SEO issues occur during and after the website migration phase if it is not managed properly. And there is a disaster waiting to happen if such an issue is not resolved quickly by an expert. In case of any doubts, SEO experts can check case studies of several websites and see what can go wrong and how they can overcome such issues. O2 Digital offers the best technical SEO service for small business in Australia