The complex and ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can feel a lot like standing on the golden beaches of Australia. It is as dynamic as it is full of opportunities. Google’s AI algorithm updates continuously change the game that requires content marketers to remain on their toes and adapt effective strategies to stay competitive.

In such a dynamic landscape, it’s crucial to create and implement an integrated content and SEO strategy that can reveal the true intent and behaviour of your target audience. However, it’s also essential that the keyword research solution you opted for allows you to analyse your website and of course, your competitors. Through this approach, you can monitor everything at the web page level and effectively create content strategies for your full spectrum of products, services and business objectives.

However, analysing the needs and significance of SEO for your business is hard, but there are a few major factors that are beyond your control and you have to adapt accordingly if you want to succeed.

  1. Keep an eye on Google Algorithms
    Google keeps updating its search algorithm and such changes are out of your control but make search results better for Google’s users. Such updates tackle piracy issues, increase mobile-friendliness and devalue bad links. Unless Google announces a huge update, a business cannot know what those updates are or when they’re coming.Fortunately, such updates function on a micro level and usually do not affect websites that have been closely following up previous updates. On the other hand, such updates target spam websites that use underhanded tactics to gain an edge over competitors who honestly follow SEO guidelines. The best way to handle and adapt according to algorithm changes is to follow the latest SEO guidelines as closely as you can to minimise the chance of being hurt by an update and instead, benefitting from it.
  2. Know what your competitors are doing
    If you implement SEO methods to increase your position in search results pages, there is a high probability that your competitors might probably be doing the same things. Everybody wants the top position in Google Search for their targeted keywords and that makes it even harder for a business to rank as 1st. This can also affect your approach towards growth because your competitors could be improving their SEO at any given time. And when your competitors change their SEO techniques, your website ranking will inevitably fluctuate accordingly.
  3. Analyse user behaviour/persona
    The outcome derived from an SEO campaign also has to do with users’ online behaviour. The reason why top search results in Google have a great ranking is because of Google’s habit of taking into consideration each and every way a user interacts with the website. Websites that satisfy users often rightly target useful information are typically ranked higher than websites that do not. Therefore, that any fluctuation in user behaviour could affect the outcome of SEO.For instance, a website that sells winter boots at a discounted price, chances are that their sales will be up in a month or so leading up to the winter and through the early winter months. However, in the case of unreasonably long winters, the business may witness an influx of customers in months like never before.

SEO Is Right Img

Apart from these factors, there’s also the possibility that user behaviour could change without warning as there might be a range of clear and unclear reasons behind it. That’s why marketers have to keep an eye on other factors that indicate a failing SEO campaign. Here’s what you have to look for.

Website Traffic –If your website isn’t getting traffic, your SEO efforts aren’t working. You can draw this conclusion because SEO is about following certain rules that’ll help search engines to rank your website higher that’ll earn you more website traffic. And an increased website traffic means that you are on the right path.

Time Spent on Page – Google Analytics allows marketers to observe the average time spent by a user on your website. However, marketers cannot ignore the significance of quality content in SEO and when that content engages users positively, you start witnessing an increase in time on the page. This also shows that you have the capability to create content that is in-line with your business objectives and consumers’ interest.

Many businesses see SEO as a simple method of increasing the ranking of a website on Google and other search engines, but they often ignore its complexities. They forget that there are many factors that might affect your ranking and you will still not be able to deal with them. However, experienced marketers understand the ways through which they can bypass such issues and start working on making some positive changes. Therefore, opting for the service of a leading SEO Agency in Australia can prove to be quite impactful.

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