Attractive, professional and easy-to-navigate are the key characteristics that every user would want to see in a website. If you want to grow your business and reach your customers through online presence, last thing you should do is launching an ineffective website driving away all the visitors. 

What makes a website ineffective, you ask? 

Let us tell you: 

  • Confusing call to actions 
  • Not optimized for search engines 
  • Not mobile friendly  
  • Poor content quality 
  • No visual graphics and the list can go on. 

All you need is a web design and development company who can deliver the website that works for your business. 

So we put together the most common mistakes you might be making while designing and developing a website: 

  1. Unclear call to actions: The most common mistakes that is seen in a lot of websites is that the call to action buttons are confusing or misplaced. Call to action buttons simplify user-experience and tell the visitors what, where and how’s of the complete website. Some clear call to actions include- Click here, Sign Up, Subscribe, Contact us etc. Make sure every such call to actions are placed at the right places on your website and make sense.
  2. No performance tracker: Your website is an investment, can you avoid tracking the profit or loss of your investments? Of course not. Tracking the performance ofyourwebsite is too significant to avoid. There are various tools to track and measure how your website is performing, so you can adjust and improve what is working and what is not. You can use Tools such as Google Analytics, it will provide you with valuable information about your audience’s behavior and help you set up goals accordingly. 
  3. No Search engine optimization-Everything digital wants to be on top of search engines today. In such a race, not having a website optimized according to search engine algorithm can prove to be a huge mistake. With advancement in technology, search engines are getting smarter day by day. Using trending keywords, taking advantage of social media engagement and having a solid content marketing strategy is a must for every business to survive online.
  4. Not mobile-friendly-67% of people said that even if they find a website useful, they will visit it less often if it isn’t mobile friendly. There is over 50% of traffic that comes from mobile friendly websites and major chances of them converting into customers. Most consumers use their mobiles to buy products and avail services instead of using their desktops. Make sure your website is mobile friendly to provide a smooth and flexible user experience. 
  5. Hard to find contact info- Although there is a pattern to put your contact information, few websites still bury their contact info deep within their web pages. If a user comes and doesn’t simply finds where to reach you, you lose them. Try placingthe contactinfo in a very and easy to find place of the site, and make it super easy for anybody to contact the business. 

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