The birth of the internet has made it possible for the customer to find your information with a few clicks. Your website is the main source of sending information about your brand, product or service to the customer. Most of the websites built by the designers are business-centric, instead of customer-centric. But in actual, a website should be designed to attract the customer towards the brand. For any business, its customer is very important. One cannot afford to make a million-dollar mistake of disappointing their customer by giving them a bad user experience. To give your user a good web-experience, you need to first understand and analyze the cause of their frustration and then eliminate them.

What Causes Bad User Experience

In order to make sure that your website is working in the most effective manner, you need to see to it that your customers are not facing any of the below issues. If your customer is unhappy with your website, then it is highly unlikely that they will ever revisit your website.

1. Poor Navigation: Poor navigation can have a bad impact on your website in case of both your customer and the search engine. Unless your website has more than ten thousands pages, your customer should able to reach a particular page in just a few clicks (not more than 3 or 4). More click makes customer frustrated and this may even increase your bounce rate. Poor navigation cloud also burry the important pages that lead to “call to action”, which is again a loss for your company. If you are running a website, where registration is required, make sure that the user is able to find registration page easily. Look for an affordable Web Design Company in Australia, who can help you design and build a user-friendly website with clean and straightforward navigation to make things easier for the user.

2. Broken Links: Broken links are the links on a blog post or any other page, that redirects the customer to 404- not found page. This can be experienced by any company, irrespective of their size, but this does not a pleasant user experience. Moreover, broken links can also cause indexation issue, where the search engine couldn’t reach you through the link. Make sure, whenever you are changing URLs, structure, and deleting pages or posts, you redirect the existing link to a new page or remove it completely. Go for a digital marketing company in Australia, which can help you check whether your site has broken links or not.

3. Slow Website Loading Speed: 47% of the web users expect a page to load in two second or less. Most of the user abandons the website if it is taking more than three seconds. A slow loading web page leads to a higher bounce rate and lower return rate. Additionally, it also has an adverse impact on search engine ranking. Faster loading page impresses your customer more than anything else. They result in more visits and better SEO. To improve your website’s loading time, you must get in touch with an affordable Web Development Company of Australia. Integration of right technique with knowledge can bring awesome results.

4. Cluster of Information: The motto of a website is to convey a message to the customer about the brand, product and service. If a website fails to fulfil this purpose, then it is of no use. You should always keep the important information on the homepage, with simple navigation. A clustered website which is full of unnecessary information, images, links and pages only confuse the user, thus, you must keep the content clean and straightforward.

5. Incorrect presentation: A site that couldn’t grab the attention of your customer can hardly benefit you in any way. A website design, color, font and contrast can have a good or bad impact on the user. This is the reason that more and more people are now making sure that their logos are aesthetically pleasing. Do not choose more than 3-4 fonts and colors on the website. The text contained in the website should be clear and doesn’t overlap with the background.


These are not the only mistakes that web designer and developers do, there can be many more. However, if you avoid the mistake mentioned above, then you will have a higher chance of impressing your audience and making them your customer.