Attract more buyers and generate more revenue by building a strong social media presence.

Do you want to sell more properties and become a leading real estate marketing company in the market?
O2 can help you with small business real estate social media marketing in Australia.

Why Real estate companies need a social media marketing

  • According to 47% realtors, the quality of leads generated by social media is high as compared to the leads generated using other sources.
  • 99% of the millennials start to search for their new homes online!
  • Real estate social media marketing helps businesses in:
    • They are promoting and advertising their brand and properties to large audiences in less time and cost involved.
    • Increasing the company’s exposure to the targeted audience.
    • Connecting with the audience as they are going to make huge investments.

Brief about Our social media marketing services

  • O2 is a trusted and leading Real estate social media management services company for small businesses in Australia.
  • We help real estate companies in growing their business by assisting them to make a prominent position on a social media platform.
  • We choose the right social media channel according to the audience demographics.
  • We create and post unique content on social media platforms, including :
    • Success stories
    • Testimonials
    • Videos
    • Graphics
  • This helps realtors in engaging emotionally with the audience.
  • Our Digital Marketing experts ensure that relevant and engaging content on social media platforms is posted consistently.
  • We help our clients market and promote their real estate company on all the social media platforms, including:
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest etc.
  • Facebook, real estate marketing, helps realtors target the audience based on their income and demographics.
  • Our Instagram, Real estate marketing, helps clients to post the properties that are available to buy and sell using the Instagram stories.

Tips for real estate social media marketing

There are some important real estate social media marketing strategies :

  • Video Postings
    Our social media marketing specialists never forget to post engaging videos.
    45% of the users watch videos on different social media platforms.
  • Information sharing
    Using social media posts, our experts try to share the lessons and industry trends that help clients in making purchase decisions.
  • Instant response
    Our social media experts instantly respond to the questions of the home or property buyers. This ensures that your customers are always engaged and connected.
  • Existing Clients
    Our experts do not just focus on attracting new clients but also on making the existing clients your brand advocates.
    Word of –mouth is the most influential form of marketing.
  • Questions & Answers
    Our Digital Marketing experts find the best real estate questions and their answers and turn them into posts
  • Real information posts
    Our experts provide real information using blogs about the town in which clients are planning to purchase their new property.

Why O2 Digital?

  • High value– We offer high-value social media marketing advertisement package at affordable costs.
  • Full-Service – We are a full-service digital marketing agency that will serve all of your online marketing needs, from website designing to social media marketing.
  • Experienced – We are experienced in managing digital marketing for businesses across the industries, including real estate businesses.
  • Consistent Quality – The quality of service that we deliver is consistently high.
  • Industry Knowledge – We focus on training our professionals so that they have in-depth industry knowledge.

Real Estate Social Media — FAQs

What is the easiest ways of generating more sales and leads in the real estate business?

There no single strategies that can help you grow your sales and leads in real estate business. Real Estate digital marketing can, however, help you make a strong presence in the digital world.  This is because a large part of the audience searches for the property, agents, and listing online rather than going to an offline real estate agency. O2 can help you in making a strong digital presence by using the best digital marketing strategy.

What are the best real estate social media marketing practices?

We’ll let you know about the three best practices for real estate social media marketing:

  • Using the right social media channel:
    You need to focus on choosing the right social media network based on the audience demographics for marketing your property online. Instagram and Facebook, along with YouTube videos, are the best social media marketing channels for real estate business.
  • Consistency
    Whichever the social media channel is used the key to success is consistency. The social media postings should be done consistently. The audience can be kept engaged, and a strong social media presence can be built.
  • Unique and engaging content
    The real estate business on social media platforms should go beyond posting their property’s images. The success stories and testimonials work wonders in attracting more customers and engaging them emotionally.
Real Estate Social Media — FAQs

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