The year is almost ending, and like always the next year will be more challenging. So, are you ready to face the business challenges in 2018?
SEO helps in many ways to grow your business, but the fact remains that SEO is always changing. Major SEO changes may take a while, but small, yet important changes occur every now and then. If you don’t stay on top of these changes, you risk your hard earned search engine rankings to take a backseat and let your competitors take all your leads.
As an experienced digital marketing agency we understand the struggle, and that’s why wanted to share our top SEO predictions for 2018.

Direct answers when someone searched something

Google and other search engines are always trying to give the best answers to the queries searched by internet users. For this, they have introduced a couple of features like featured snippet, knowledge panel, and local packs. If you are a SEO, you know what these means. Search Engines will further focus more on this point next year. So it is important to make sure that your best web pages are well optimized to be able to be included in the Featured answers.

Improved user experience

For Google and Bing, one of the key points they focus on is user experience. They are always searching for new and better ways to provide the best browsing experience for every user. We believe that the Search Engines will continue to value those websites having very positive user interface.

Voice Search

While there is still time for flying cars and teleportation, voice search is now. Almost everyone in the world uses smartphones, many are also doing voice search on Google and Bing. This trend will continue to grow more in coming years. Everyone needs to move deeper than performing optimization based on only text. It’s time to focus on long tail keywords and natural language searches.

The Power of Video

Video has been a longtime friend of SEO, but many are still catching up. An 18 year old has millions of followers, subscribers on YouTube. It is high time that enterprises realize that video are awesome for promotions and to keep consumers engaged.

Reduced Click through Rate

With Google’s ability to provide all information related to a query on the search page using Featured Snippet, Knowledge Panel, and more, why would a user click through and visit a website? This means that enterprises should now focus on these avenues rather than just click through.

AMP will take the lead

AMP abbreviated as Accelerated Mobile Page will go mainstream because of the increasing rate of users browsing the internet through smart phones. For webmasters, Google’s AMP is continuously developing and getting easier to implement.

Also Google is slowly introducing the mobile first index which means your website will be ranked based only on the mobile version of the content.

Content is King

In case, you are unaware Content is still King! Great content will continue to drive more results to a business. It will continue to define websites, drive traffic and increase engagements. Pair great content with effective SEO strategies because even the best content needs SEO to be found.

Link Quality Matters

Link building is not going away anytime soon. Sites from where you are getting backlinks and the backlink quality will still be important. Therefore, link building should be a part of a well-rounded seo strategy.

SSL Certificates

Information Security is prime concern users as well as Search Engines like Google. Websites without SSL certificates will keep falling down the search results rankings.

Websites have to be fast

When Search Engines are on play, slow website speed will hurt your business. Much of the many other things that Google and Bing are focus on in relation to user experience, website speed continues to be a big deal. Slow website means poor user experience, hence lower rankings.

The bottom line is that you have to change and adapt according to the changes in internet if you want to keep doing a great business online. Not all our SEO predictions are likely to hit the bull’s eye, but many are/will become a reality.

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