Measuring SEO success is challenging for many website owners. However, when you know the metrics to track, it’s simple and easy. SEO metrics are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure the SEO success in quantitative terms.  

Tracking them determines whether current SEO strategy is producing desired results or needs to be modified for achievement of the goals. Some key metrics that every website owner should track for gauging business success are: 

  • Keyword Rankings   
  • Organic Traffic   
  • Engagement  
  • Local Rankings  

Before we get into the details, ensure that you have Google Analytics access. 

Keyword Rankings   

Niche-based keywords play a pivotal role in ranking your website on top pages of search engines and drive more traffic. Tracking them measures progress and gives an overview of current organic market share.    

Monitoring the rank of these keywords is easy.  Use Google Search Console to check which keywords are driving more traffic to your website. To see the keywords, login to console navigate down to Search Traffic -> Search Analytics.   

Perform the keyword ranking analysis in the search console by choosing queries, clicks and position in the report. It displays the average position of the website and shows keywords that drive the most organic traffic. There are other interesting metrics in this report that give more insights. 

Organic Traffic   

One of key goal of any SEO campaign is to drive quality traffic to your website from organic search. Search Engine Journal has mentioned that 58% of web traffic comes from organic search only. 

No matter how strong the SEO strategy, there will be no conversions or sales without organic traffic. Tracking it measures how many visitors have visited the website.  

So, how do you know how your organic traffic is working?    

 Google Analytics tracks it too. Go to Add segment -> Organic Traffic. Here you can see the total organic traffic in the form of a percentage. Check the website traffic coming from desktop and mobile.    

To evaluate the success of the SEO campaign, you should compare the performance in time periods: week-to-week, month-to-month, and year-to-year data.    

If the website is not getting sufficient traffic, it means there is something wrong with the SEO strategy.  O2 Digital offers the best SEO services in Australia and bring more organic traffic to the website. 


Bounce rate, page per visit, and time on site are other key indicators in Google Analytics that offer insights about the user engagement with the website.   

Bounce Rate – It is number of users who left the website after visiting a single page – expressed in percentage.   

Page Per Visit – It is an indicator that details the average number of pages a user visits before leaving the website.   

Time On Site – It is the total time duration of a user that stays on the website and visits several pages.   

These engagement metrics play a significant role in determining SEO rankings. Google says, the more time a user spends on the site, the higher the engagement. 

In Google Analytics go to Analytics -> Channels, and you can find several metrics that measure user engagement e.g., page per session, average session duration, new session etc.  

Local Rankings   

If you have a local physical store that consumers can visit, it is crucial to track local visibility on search engines. These metrics evaluate local organic traffic coming from the right audience.   

Google My Business Insights – Setting up ‘Google My Business’ page is an alternative way of having a website. Here you can track how often your business page is shown in SERPs and how many users click for contact numbers and directions.   

Google Map Rankings – A rank tracker like Google Analytics that determines maps ranking based on the business location. To see top session locations in Analytics, navigate to Audience -> Geo -> Location and look at the conversions, sessions and other key metrics. You can view it at a country or individual city level.  

Understanding Local SEO can be complicated. When you decide to work with O2 Digital, the best SEO company in Australia, you will be amazed by the excellent results. 

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