If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative. 

Does the decrease in the traffic on your website panic you? 

Do you have second thoughts about getting your website Re-designed? 

Are you looking for an affordable Web Development Company in Australia? 

  • Mobile friendly website – Gone are the days when people used to read about products and gather information on desktops or tablets. Nowadays, mobile phone is the only preferred means. Irrespective of the type of information to be gathered, people switch to mobile phones and get done with the task.  

In such a scenario, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then you’re in for a lot of trouble. Your website might be losing a good number of visitors only because it is not good friends with mobile phones. For your website to survive in the industry and be talked about among the visitors of your website, it does not have an option than to be mobile-friendly. In case it is not, it is time for quick action. Look for an affordable Web Design company and get it Redesigned NOW such that it becomes feasible for every user.   

  • The traffic is falling– If you realize that the traffic on your website is falling gradually and at a higher rate, then take it as a sign that you must get it redesigned. There could be multiple reasons for the decrease in traffic of your website. If you observe that your website has an outdated design that fails to cope up with the recent industrial trends; it is time for a redesign. In case a specific page of your website is not being opened enough, in comparison to the others, it implies that your website does not converse well with its visitors and thus must be worked upon. 
  • Flash banner is a big NO– As appealing as they might seem, flash banners do not work well with search engines. In the year 2010, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. banished flash from iPhone. Since then, flash banners have been avoided by organizations. Use of flash makes the website extremely slow, thereby losing the visitor interest in the website.  Due to lack of support from various search engines, the flash does not work at all. Hence, to stick your visitor to your website, do NOT use flash banners on your website.  
  • Too much content– Too much is always harmful. Putting all the information on one page on your website is going to bore the visitor, which would result in the loss of a customer for your business. A confusing website will make it difficult for the visitor to navigate through and result in a failed attempt of conveying the message. You must draft the content of your website in such a way that less becomes sufficient. The visitors of your website must be able to gather more information by spending less time on the website. All the necessary information must be displayed in such a manner that the visitor understands the message that you are trying to convey and comes to you for assistance. 
  • Call to action options on the website– There is no point developing a website when there is no point your visitor can get in touch with you. If you are not sure yet, go and make sure that your website has an option for Call to Action. The option must be easily visible on the website such that for any query, the visitor does not feel hesitant to contact you. Moreover, you must be cautious about the social media interaction of your business with your customers. Social media does is the best friend of your business. There are high chances that the visitors of your website will have a look at the social media profiles of our business on various social media channels. The visitor must easily locate the icons displaying your presence on the social media, thereby increasing the chances of lead generation. 
  • Bounce rate is high– Bounce Rate signifies that the users visit your website but do not stay on it for a longer duration of time. Ask your Digital Marketing agency to keep a check on the bounce rate of your website. If the rate is higher than 75%, take it as an immediate call for action for your business. Higher Bounce Rate implies lower Conversion rates. This would in turn lead in decreased sales for your business and hence must be acted upon as soon as possible. 

If the given characteristics seem relatable to you, then you must wait no more and act against them. Look for a good and affordable Web Development Company in Australia and get your website redesigned. The task is sure time consuming, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. 

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