When was the last time your audience had a good laugh? Laughter is healthy and there are so many things that make everyone roll. At the same time, businesses have made everything so serious in the industry that no one is thinking to flip the dice. Let o2 help you with our marketing humor tips to make your audience laugh without using an unprofessional manner.

  1. Breaking the expectations with your target audience
    Break the ice by creating a relaxed atmosphere by interacting in a funnier but genuine way with your target audience.  You can reply to their comments and can put crazy poll stories to make their day. Communicating with your audience by saying something a bit crazy and breaking the average communication expectations will not only amaze them but also help you to stay friends with your audience.
  2. Sharing Memes That Goes A Long Way
    Memes have a separate fan base but coming up with a relatable meme according to your industry is not always easy. Apart from hiring a social media marketing agency australia , you can even share Memes that are cost-effective and loved by the general public. Meme with humor can work like magic for your business and your target people will automatically share it to make others laugh too. Pick a trendy meme with good content punch- lines and you are all set to gain a good response for your digital marketing campaign.
  3. Cracking an Ironical Joke on Self
    No matter how successful brand or an individual you are, having that ability to crack a joke on self is ironically the best. It not only relates to your audience but also maintains a good connection with them. It proves that you can take criticism by dropping a self-deprecating joke and can still rule the industry.
  4. Align Humor with your brand identity
    Relevancy is the key ingredient in the success of humor marketing. It needs to reflect what your brand is all about. Your humor should always align content with your brand and should hit at the right time to let you audience response positively align your content around your brand.


You don’t have to be a standup comedian or professional to perform humor marketing.  Yet you can simply win the hearts of your target audience by being authentic and being aware with the trends. O2 Digital has marketing experts that can help you to create good engagements through our highly efficient strategies and brand reputation services. Take the right approach and connect with the best digital marketing in australia to generate high volume of leads.