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Why Travel Agency Need a website?

Give your business the attention and position it deserves! Yes, it is true that your travel agency business needs maximum exposure online. A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for your travel agency business will help you reach on the top of the search engines.

Effective travel SEO Services allow potential customers to find your website. SEO is a process that helps a web page gain a higher rank of the search results page (SERP). Travel SEO Services drive free traffic to a website.

O2 Digital Travel SEO Services promise to bring your travel agency website on the top of the search engine results that will further help you in marketing your services to the audience and geography you target.

Benefits of SEO for Travel Agencies

  • Today over 80% of the trips are booked online. This indicates that a strong online presence is a must for a travel agency
  • Effective travel SEO Services for your agency will help in increasing the traffic that may further convert into your potential customers.
  • When you travel agency business appears on the first page of the Google search engine the brand awareness improves significantly. Increased brand awareness means increased revenues!
  • Travel SEO Services are the cheaper, simpler and cost-effective way of reaching a wider audience.
  • SEO for travel Agency ensures that the websites occupy the space that it truly deserves on a search engine page.
  • SEO for travel websites are significantly cheaper than the media advertisements.

All you need is a great SEO Company like us that offer quality SEO Services that to at a lower cost!

Travel SEO Tips

You want your travel business to be on a prominent position on the search engine? Then these tips will surely help you:

  1. The essence of SEO lies in the keywords you use for building a Travel SEO Strategy. Long-taill keywords will help you gaining more traffic as the competition in these keywords is less.
    You might have a question – What are Long-Tail Keywords?These are the key phrases or the keywords that are longer than the general keywords and are also more specific. The conversion value of keywords is high because these are specific.
  2. Mobile – first-Indexing rolled out by Google is one of the paramount SEO aspects that should not be skipped. In simple word, your travel agency website should be user friendly on any of the device.
    Important Fact: Mobile-first indexing is important in the sectors where growth is coming from a digital space and travel sector is one of them. 36% of the total bookings of a travel agency are made by the mobile phone users!
  3. Link building is another crucial element of the best SEO Strategy. Earning backlinks is a travel business is extremely important. Backlinks indicate that a website is a credible information source. This improves the user trust!
  4. Reach out the bloggers to build the links for your travel agency website.
    Like travel takes you anywhere, a good SEO strategy will also take your travel business to heights of success.
    But remember, you need to be patient as ranking higher on the search engines takes time. The journey may be long but the results you will get will be worth it!

Why Should You Choose our Travel SEO Packages?

Travel & Tourism SEO — FAQs

We are a new travel agency on how your travel SEO agency will help us?

Starting a travel agency business is your dream coming true. Don’t worry, if you are small or a new travel agency. Investments in an SEO travel agency like O2 digital will definitely give you higher returns. It will be helpful if you use the SEO strategies and a SEO friendly content for your website right from the start of your journey. You may have a number and questions and doubts regarding the SEO services, so may you contact us and we’ll suggest you the best Travel SEO packages.

What will be process that you will follow in your travel SEO Service?

Our Travel SEO process includes the following steps:

  1. Our process starts with an audit including both the technical and content audit. The technical audit looks for the elements in your website that are important for a powerful SEO performance.
  2. We then work on the content of the website. If you want to give the content for the website you and we’ll use it after making changes related to keywords. If you want us to write your complete content then we’ll do that for you.
  3. We then work on the process of on-page –optimization by focusing on some of the discrete elements including the videos, social profiles, images and web pages.
  4. We then socialize the content on various social media platform to help your travel business get connected to a large audience.

Travel Faqs

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