Website colour palette is an important factor to grab users’ attention and is a big influence in increasing web engagement. The colour palette you decide for the website is what makes the first impression among new users. Therefore, besides good user experience and well-written content, an enticing colour combination in web design is a crucial conversion opportunity.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Colour Palette

A study reveals that colour improves readability by 40%, comprehension by 73%, and learning by 78%. (Source –

Before we discuss how selecting colours suitable for your website goals, it is crucial to understand why your website colour scheme matters so much and how it will help drive prospects.

Here’s how:

Boost Legibility

Adopting soothing and pleasant colours can make web content more readable and user-friendly. But to make this happen, you have to create the right contrast between the text and the background so that audience can easily read out text without experiencing eye strain.

Accelerate User Engagement

Besides making text legible, web colours can also enhance brand awareness and shape their perception. A colour scheme that justifies business goals can lead users to the website, make them stay long on-site, and ensure they take the necessary action, as enticing web colours can trigger users’ emotions and influence their decisions.

Shape Visitor Perception

To a certain extent, the colour tricks the mind of the visitor. Basically, colour is the most accessible aspect of web design that is accepted by the human brain right away. It can be assessed almost immediately and doesn’t require visitors to take and evaluate it. This way, many brands can use this psychology of colours and efficiently use it as a marketing strategy. It is because 85% of people get attracted to a brand that uses visual graphics and enticing colours.

Highlight Important Web Elements

Perhaps the substantial benefit of using multiple colours in a web design is that you can draw visitors’ attention to particular web elements, such as buttons, quote, statements etc. After all, the more an element gets distinguished from others, the more users will notice it.

Moreover, highlighting the call-to-action (CTA) button can efficiently attract new visitors’ attention and make them take action. Be sure to add an eye-catching colour palette on CTAs, because it can enhance user engagement and help you stand out the certain pages without affecting the rest of your designs.

O2 Digital has an excellent team with expertise in web development in Australia. Our dedicated designer adds rich and engaging colour, which makes them act and eventually betters the conversion rates.

How to Choose a Colour Palette to Engage Audience?

If you’re not sure how to pick the colour that improves user experience, take the help of experts. They will help walk you through practical tips for choosing a suitable web colour palette. Many experts suggest following the 60/30/10 rule to entice prospective audiences, which means 60% of site space is a primary colour, 30% is for secondary colour, and 10% is for accent colour. However, you can also add other colours to match your vision.

    • Primary Colour: These colours initially portray your brand and help express the context and culture you want to show to your audience.
    • Secondary Colour: These colours must complement or contrast the primary colour. In order to grab the attention of the audience, select the colour that reinforces each other.
    • Accent Colour: These colours are used to highlight the element and grab the direct attention of viewers. So, contrasting the CTA button against the brand can significantly help increase conversions.
    • Font Colour: It plays a vital role to make the text readable and compelling. Usually, websites use black colour against a white background to avoid eye strain on users. Also, adding other colours to highlight links or quotes can make users hard to miss them.

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