Buying a home is a dream for many Australians. Real estate agents have this tough task of matching the various properties available with them to the vision of the home buyers.   

A real-estate website plays a significant role is displaying the property and rendering the first-look to the visitors. Stunning real images that engage the home buyer’s attention along with other interactive elements motivate them to explore properties physically.   

That’s exactly what the real-estate agents want – more calls for home visits! 

O2 Digital is a leading agency for web design in Australia that creates stunning website to grab the audience attention and engage them further. We can create a website for your real-estate firm and help you achieve business goals too. Here is how it helps. 

Properly Listed Properties Have Better Chances of Yielding Results 

Across the country, the housing market has seen a rise in heightened search volumes that reflects a high demand for properties.  

A well-designed website that lists the various properties properly makes it easy for the potential homebuyers to filter them and identify the ones that they like the most. 

Availability of features like a search bar to find and filter relevant properties, saved search history to save time, and customised notifications, that sync with property listings.  

As more Australians search for real-estate online, having an impressive website brings them closer to the dream home. 

Real Pictures of Properties Help to Build Trust 

Property images are highly useful when a home buyer is identifying the properties to visit. A well written description, working phone numbers, correct email IDs, and easy to navigate website ensure that the website is trustworthy. 

  • Presence of high-quality images display bring forth the intrinsic beauty of the property. 
  • Shareable images on various social media platforms helps to include those that could be involved in the decision. 
  • The textual description helps to get the relevant details before eventual visit.  

As the leading agency for best real estate website design in Australia, we ensure that the web designs are impressive and easy to navigate for more engagement.  

Sending Enquiries Is Easy and Upfront 

Many visitors while surfing the website might get tempted to drop an email or make a contact in some way or the other. 

A carefully designed website makes it easy for the visitors to contact. For instance, an easy to use ‘Enquire this property’ button that helps them to send an email instantly.  

Similarly, the website chat option, or sending message over WhatsApp, along with a working contact number enables the interested buyers to start a dialogue about the interested property.  

O2 Digital has helped many businesses with website designs that boost their online growth significantly.  

Mobile Friendly Design Helps to Fix Appointments 

By the end of 2021, there will be 20.6 million smart phone users in Australia who spend a lot of time surfing online to get information, buy products or services they need.  

It’s where the real-value of a mobile friendly site comes to the fore.  

A mobile friendly website does away with the need to carry a laptop. The visitors can view the property in their mobile device, fix an appointment, visit your office and discuss the finer details too. Moreover, when you take the visitor to the property in-person, they can verify the details too.  

O2 Digital creates a website that works well on any platform. 

Self – Explanatory Website Makes Things Easy for Potential Customers 

Besides stunning looks, the presentation of the content on the website has a significant role to play. A self-explanatory website enables the visitors to understand the entire process of buying their dream home in a very engaging way.  

Step1: Identify the property 

Step2: Fix an appointment 

Step3: Visit the property  

Step4: Purchase the property 

These are just some steps, which may contain even more details. However, when they are present in self-explanatory visual way, the visitors can keep track of the progress made in their interaction to buy a property.  

As the leading agency for web design in Australia, we deliver designs that create a real difference to your business. 

O2 Digital – Leading Web Designer for Australian SMBs 

We have been serving businesses across Australia for their web design needs. Having delivered several projects, we can create a website that exceeds your expectation.  

A fully designed website is a first step to digital success. SEO helps to rank the website prominently on the search engines, and SMM enhances the brand visibility on various social media platforms. With Paid Ads on social media and search engine, you can get more responses quickly.  

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